Fluff Tuft News Corporation

>You should read through our archives, read about the various heroes and villains we have written about, read about our authors and read our old articles. Many of them are quite interesting and are just as relevant now as they were when they were written.<


We are Fluff Tuft News, despite our oddly cute name for a news corporation we are dedicated to bringing you the news and super hero information that you want to see, not only from the local area of Tuftham but world wide news.

What do we write about?

Our team of dedicated journalists are encouraged to share and pursue the stories that influence them, and to share their personal opinion on, almost, any subject matter. We value free thought and free speech. Within our website you will find all sides of every spectrum, and articles that you most definitely want to see. From super heroes, politics, conspiracy theories, fashion, local bake sales and anything else you can think of… except sport.

But who are we?

We are a small indie news agency with a team of 8 writers. Although we, as a company, are new to the World Wide Web we are certainly not new to the Journalism business, having a physical news paper that has been circulating for 6 years, we are experienced and dedicated.

Temperance Carter