The Disappearing Home of an Abomination

You may be in disbelief at first but I can assure you this is most certainly true; There is a house, building or some sort of ethereal real-estate traveling around appearing and disappearing, you may be thinking to yourself, ‘even if it is real the only interest it has to me is if I can own it, it would be useful to have a home that moves around, beat the Monday traffic.’ well my foolish friend, let me tell you that you do not wish to set foot in this “home” of sorts. For what dwells within will steal you away, in mind, body and soul but wait, they will also steal memories of you, not just your memories but other people’s memories, all traces of your existence shall be removed.
Well I say all traces, there is minor details left behind, is this a mistake? Is this beast sloppy? Ah no, my dimwitted ally, you would be wrong I believe it is purposeful, this beast is intelligent, it is playing a game with us.

Have you ever found something in your home, it did not belong to you or anyone you asked about it, you don’t remember ever having it, but it looks vaguely familiar, well, that is evidence that the house has been near you and taken someone close to you. Have you ever tried to remember someone from your distant past, from school or work or something, you can’t really remember anything about this person or what they looked like, you can’t find pictures of them from old class photos, you ask around and no one else knows them, but you know this person, you remember them, is it just age getting to you… or is it the house has gotten to them. A house is long empty and abandoned but you have memories of interacting with someone who lived there not long ago, but that can’t be the case, well that house had its occupants taken by our mystery house.

It travels around, you see. All around the world, maybe it even appears in more than one place. No one ever remembers it being there or questions why it is there, but it comes and it goes, and it takes what it wants. I have been looking at censuses from all around the world at different times, I have been looking at all sort of opinion polls, news, obituaries, voting numbers, product and internet usage data and everywhere, there are discrepancies. People are disappearing without a trace, with no missing person reports with next to no evidence.

No one would believe me or you, we are nobodies, at best I am a conspiracy “nut job” never to be taken seriously. Even if people did believe me, there are so many possibilities, ways to logic and reason your way around things, any evidence I have is circumstantial and conjecture at best. as I said whatever this is; it is smart, but also very powerful.

Be careful out there, and keep an eye out for spaces or buildings that don’t fit in, that don’t quite seem right.

This has been your amazing friend and journalist
– Gothboth Le Strenge