Pete On The Street: 5 Days of Interviews on PXG103-T10

Hello! It is I Pete! From Pete On The Street! Everyone’s favourite recurring series of interviews and articles!

Ha! Had you fooled didn’t I!?! Nah this is TEMPI! Pete is a bit shy when it comes to writing without a transcript, so he got me to write this. But Yes! Pete On The Street is back for 5 whole days. 5 days in a row of Pete… on the street… interviewing people about PXG103-T10, kinda self explanatory really…

“What is PXG103-T10 and why are you doing 5 days of interviews?” I don’t hear anyone asking but I am going to pretend I did, well let me, and by me I mean my good friend and colleague Sarah, tell you all about it here: CLICK HERE FOR A GOOD TIME

And I will end this article with whatever Pete is going to say now (Imagine I just did finger guns and pointed at him, that is what happened in real life):  “I ugh… why are you asking me so suddenly? Ermmmm ahhh, I don’t know… eerrrrrm… goodbye? Goodluck? Fond farewells?! I don’t know, just put in something that sounds nice… please. Wait are you writing all this down? NO! Please stop! Why are you still writsbg;hl,p;laghdjdh, I have your keyboard now you can’t wait are you on your phone? Stop it! Ahhh! I’m just going to be  shut up now…. …. …. …. have you finished? Stop… ah… I’m just going to go…. ”

Temperance Carter


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