Pete On The Street: Day 1 of 5 of PXG103-T10 Interviews; The Supporter.

Hello, it is Pete, here with or as Pete on the Street. If you are unfamiliar with Pete on the Street, it is an interview series where I, Pete Winkledale, interview random members of the public to find their opinion on various matters, and then I bring you the full unabridged unedited Interviews (assuming all of what was said was suitable for a family friendly paper). Currently I am doing a series of 5 interviews over 5 days to celebrate 5 years of PXG103-T10. If you are unfamiliar with PXG103-T10 then you can read about it here; PXG103-T10. Basically it is a set of strict Privacy Laws, which is sort of ironic considering we are invading people’s privacy to interview them about privacy laws which we are apparently “celebrating”.

Today I am in the Shopping Area of Tuftham town centre, let’s get started shall we.
(This introductory paragraph was brought to you by Temperance Carter)

Pete: Sir do you mind if I take a moment of your time?

Gentleman: I dun want wha’ ya sellin’

Don’t worry sir I am just with a local newspaper, Fluff Tuft New…

Ah already have a paper tha’ I read, I dun need any fluffy rubbish

No, sir, I just wanted to interview you.

‘Bout wha’?

The PXG Laws. PXG103-T10.

I dunna do algebra! Ah gave up maths afta I finned ta school.

No, it has nothing to do with maths sir, it is the strict and relatively controversial privacy law reform that came about five years ago.

Wai’ at rings a bell at does. Was it ta do wit’ dat Pink Face thing?

Yes, the Redhand Incident.

DAT’S IT! I remember readin’ ’bout it in da Guardi. Real shame wah’ happen wit’ him and ‘is fam, so sad to read ’bout like.

So do you mind if I ask a few questions about this privacy reform?

Aye, ya can keep ya own damned nose ou’ ma business. Ya press types neva learn! a man loses ‘is fam, and ‘en kills ‘imself due to ya press dogs just nat leavin’ ‘im alone, an’ now ya ‘ere botherin’ me.

Sorry, it’s not meant to seem that way, sir

Nay, I kno’ exacly wha’ way it mean’ ta be. Ya tryin’ to sow dissa… dissah… dissunt…


Aye! See! Ya evn admi’ it. Jus’ tryin’ to get da law changed. So ya can do wha’ ya wan’ again and hur’ us all. Wha’ other poor heroes are goin’ ta be killed by ya next! Well ah fur one am nah havin’ any of it! The law is nut goin’ ta be changed! Accept that will ya!

Sorry, we don’t want to change

I dun na care wha’ ya have ta say! I got places ta be, unlike you I got betta things ta do wit’ ma time than ‘ang around here fur hours.

Goodbye sir, and well. That was day one of the interviews, and funnily enough he answered most my questions without me having to ask. He is most certainly a supporter of The Privacy Reform Laws. Check by tomorrow for interview two where I will be in Salford.

[The interview was colour coded to make it easier to read. Any strange spelling or pronunciation has been done to try and replicate the speaking habits of the individual. No offence is intended in our depiction of the interviewee, we strife for accuracy in our writings.]

Pete Winkledale