Scientist Claims There is Gallons of Carbonated Beverages Under the Martian Crust

Dr. Benedict Witcher, a retired chemist from Arkansas has made the radical claim that many of us had already assumed, that there is indeed countless gallons of carbonated soft drinks under the rocky crust of Mars. For the dimwitted readers, the crust is the rocky outer shell of a planet and underneath it is the Mantle, the mantle of earth is molten rock also known as lava, but on Mars, the mantle is believed (only by the hyper intelligent), to be made of carbonated liquid.

Many people who have observed mars claim the geological patterns and motions of the plants surface is not indicative of a lava or solid rock mantle, unlike what most of the government funded “scientists” would have us believe, they have their own selfish agenda, to blind us from the truth, the truth that someone filled mars with delicious sugary liquids from which they could feed and birth an army of super powered mutant bees!!!!

You don’t believe me! Well this chemist said they spent their entire retirement analysing mars and found that the chemical composition of the mantle seemed to be almost identical to that of Cola! Ah, you may be saying ‘oh the density of the mantle is much greater than cola’ well you are an impatient simpleton who believes anything you hear! Obviously, if you have that much liquid, 800 miles thick of it it would clearly get very very very dense, just think about the weight and gravity of it, our own ocean is proof of how liquid density can increase with mass, and when you are talking about a significant portion of a planets mass, then clearly this liquid is so densely packed it barely acts as a liquid any more, and you are forgetting about all the giant mutant bees that live within it.

‘Well who put the bees there? It couldn’t be aliens the time period for which mars could have had supported life is so short no significant life form could have been birthed from it’ Well it was time travelers! Also stop interrupting Gothboth Le Strenge! You are the reader, act like a reader and read, questions are for once the article is over! In the far future the inhabitants of earth will obviously face a horrific threat, and they will be saved by giant mutant, super powered, bees from Mars. Wondering where they came from nothing would happen for a while until time travel is invented. In which a large team of people will go back to when Mars could have supported life, and spent time there to replace the mantle with bees and a product the bees could feed on. Then they go to the modern day and start the save the honey bees campaign, because the only creatures capable of preventing the giant mutant bees from killing all life on earth is the honey bee.

See, Gothboth Le Strenge know’s what Gothboth Le Strenge is on about. If you wish to not be slaughtered by killer bees then befriend a bee today, if you are allergic to bees? Well you are an alien spy, sorry I have to inform you of that. Go to the Bee Bee Beekeepers site today and use promo code Gothboth Le Strenge The Bee God, to get 30% of all your beefriending supplies, I know I have.

Remember keen readers, bee vigilant, bee safe, and never beelieve anything you are told unless Gothboth Le Strenge The Bee God, told you.

Gothboth Le Strenge The Bee God