Pete On The Street: Day 3 of 5 of PXG103-T10 Interviews; The FTN Fans

Hello, it is Pete, here with or as Pete on the Street. If you are unfamiliar with Pete on the Street, it is an interview series where I, Pete Winkledale, interview random members of the public to find their opinion on various matters, and then I bring you the full unabridged unedited Interviews (assuming all of what was said was suitable for a family friendly paper). Currently I am doing a series of 5 interviews over 5 days to celebrate 5 years of PXG103-T10. If you are unfamiliar with PXG103-T10 then you can read about it here; PXG103-T10. Basically it is a set of strict Privacy Laws, which is sort of ironic considering we are invading people’s privacy to interview them about privacy laws which we are apparently “celebrating”.

Today I am back in Tuftham, in Tuftham town centre Deborahams, interviewing the keen shoppers and handing out special discount coupons, granting anyone 10% off their purchases from either Tuftham Deborahams, only valid on purchases of £40 or more, does stack with other offers, only one coupon valid per customer and one coupon valid per purchase. If you missed me or Rachel in either Deborahams but didn’t want to miss out on this offer then you can buy Saturdays copy Fluff Tuft News which includes the very same coupon. Today I interviewed a group of girls who are actually Fluff Tuft readers.
(This introductory paragraph was brought to you by Temperance Carter)

Pete: Hello shopper, do you mind if I ask you a few questions in exchange for a coupon?

Girl 1: Depends, how long will it take, how much is the coupon worth?

Only a couple of minutes and the coupon grants 10% of on purchases of £40 or more. 

I guess I don’t mind then.

Ah thank you, have you heard about PXG103-T10, also known as the privacy reform laws?

Erm, they kinda ring a bell, I think they were in the news paper I read. Why? What’s this got to do with my shopping experience?

Nothing, I am with Fluff Tuft News, we are interviewing members of the Public about the Privacy reform laws, because…

FLUFF TUFT NEWS! O M G! I read that news paper! I love Temperance Carter! She always writes the cutest articles! And I love Pete he is so shy and adorable! I ship them so hard! Wait a minute! Is this Pete on the street? Are you Pete?

Yes. I am, and this is part of Pete on the Street.

OMG! I always wanted to be interviewed by you! You always publish such silly interviews. Like why? You must have serious ones from time to time.

My supervisor decides which of the interviews get to go in the paper.

OMG. Who is your supervisor they sound so fun?

Tempi, I mean Temperance Carter

*she inhales rapidly* THAT IS AMAZING!

Girl 2: Dude. this is where you got to… what’s going on?

This is Pete! You know Pete on the Street Pete from Fluff Tuft News!

Wow. If you see Gothboth Le Strenge tell them their articles blow my mind. Love that dude. (Gothboth Le Strenge thanks you)

Erm, if you don’t mind I still have more questions.

Apparently his supervisor is Tempi! He called her Tempi!

Oh, wow, so are you two actually a thing?

I don’t get what you mean, she is just my supervisor and editor.

Ah, don’t hide it, she is always writing for you, and she is always bullying you and you’re both so cute.

You two have to be dating.

No, sh-she writes for me as sh-she is my direct superior, and sh-she doesn’t bully me, she just likes joking around. Even if I wanted to she is way to old for me.

How old even are you?

A couple of years ago, I think I read that she is 21… so she is 23 now. (I as in Tempi, am actually 24 now)

I am 22… she’s not that much older than me, that means, she can’t be Fluff Tuft has been around for 6 years, that would mean she was in college and was already founding a company and successful and, my gosh they must think so little of me. (don’t worry you’ll find yourself and be where you want eventually)

Girl 3: What are you gals doing?

We are talking to Pete from Fluff Tuft News.

Accordingly he isn’t dating  Tempi, in fact she thinks he is an absolute failure and that is why  she writes for him and bullies him. (I don’t think he is an ABSOLUTE failure, just a little bit of a failure)

Aww, poor Pete. Maybe you should ask your colleagues for help, like Sarah for help, she is an amazing Journalist, and her fashion blog is divine. (Sarah here, I  thank you Darling for thinking so highly of me, but I think Pete will be just fine without my help.)

Ah t-trying to g-go back to erm, do you mind if I ask you about the thing now, erm the, PX…X… PXG thing.

PXG103-T10? I read Sarah’s article about it. Sure.

I am currently studying law, PXG103-T10 is an important part of the syllabus.

Ah… ugh, actually, do you mind, if I give you the coupons on let you be on your way? I need to sit down and take a few minutes to myself.

[The interview was colour coded to make it easier to read. Any strange spelling or pronunciation has been done to try and replicate the speaking habits of the individual. No offence is intended in our depiction of the interviewee, we strife for accuracy in our writings.]

Tempi here, don’t worry about Pete, he is doing just fine, he had a minor existential crisis due to finding out most myself and the CEO are much younger than he thought. :’3 He is feeling much better now. Pete may not seem it but he is a super tough, go getter! *D* That’s why we hired him. So stay tuned or.. stay reading… or just prepare for tommozos PETE ON THE STREET! Maybe he will interviews a super villain in disguise!

Pete Winkledale, and half of Fluff Tuft News Room, Mainly Temprence Carter.