Super Kitty!!!! The cutest Super Hero

TempiĀ here with the best of news. There is a cat with super powers and it is super adorable! The Korean cat has been noted for helping clean up the streets, literally cleaning the streets like removing litter and all that jazz, but has also been meeting people in the ICU at various hospitals, going to care homes and even been reported to save a fireman stuck in a tree. The super kitty is known locally as Pinku, her powers are:
Healing minor, injuries and ailments
Close range telekinesis
and Super speed.

Pinku is not only super helpful but also super adorable with her pastel, rainbow, patchwork fur. Her meow is super quiet and the most adorable thing I have ever heard *3*

Accordingly no-one knows where she came from or where she got her powers but everyone loves her. I most certainly do. @D@

I even got to speak to her and as far as I understand it she had this to say.

‘I just like helping anyone out, and getting cuddles, people are nice and warm, also they give me fish and meat and I really really like that. Sometimes they are a bit too noisy though. I want to continue getting fish forever! And ear scratches, I love ear scratches, and the toys on a string are a menace to society and I will eliminate them all to save my human subjects. I love all my human subjects.’

I relate a lot to Pinku, I love all my human subjects too, even if I keep getting told to refer to you all as readers. I did want to get more info but as I feared cats struggle to comprehend some things and as a result couldn’t provide useful information on the subject. ;-;

It was sad to say goodbye to Pinku though. And it is just as sad to say goodbye to all of you, but you shall meet me again or at least I will be writing new articles that you can read in the future. X’3

Temperance Carter