Super Villain attacks Accrington, 10 Dead, Dozens Injured.

The Super Villain, Powerchord attacked civillians in Accrington on Wednesday 6th of June 2018. Thanks to the emergency services, military, multiple heroes, WOMAN and Dark Moth, Powerchord was stopped and arrested.


Powerchord is accordingly in custody once again. Although there was a lot of metal debris Dark Moth had managed to swoop in and capture the exact correct flying piece of metal debris that is Powerchord and promptly contained them in a glass jar. An official response, release of figures, victim names, missing persons and henceforth will be released tomorrow.


If you live in the Lancashire or Larger Manchester area and felt the ground shake that is because WOMAN just caused a horrifyingly large explosion. The crater that she was in suddenly erupted and a deep orange mushroom cloud reaching hundreds of meters into the sky can be seen even from Fluff Tuft News offices. Police, military and other observers watching the battle from afar were knocked over by the blast, a number of vehicles suffered damage, Paramedics are responding to minor injuries.


Reports the battle is taking place in or nearby a reservoir, reports of which reservoir are mixed. WOMAN, is reportedly trapped in a crater that partially caved in. She is being bombarded by sonic waves and electronic blasts. Tendrils of metal are flailing around the area attempting to absorb any and all conductive metals. Long range cameras seem to indicated Powerchord has rooted themselves in the ground. Their size is slowly growing and their mass is theorised to be over 12 tonnes. Heroes, military and emergency services are working to evacuate all civilians nearby.


The battle is South East of Accrington. Early reports claim WOMAN has been trapped underground.


WOMAN has engaged Powerchord in battle.


Confirmed Powerchord is loose somewhere in the North Manchester area, this comes after a news chopper was devoured out of the sky, it is unknown what has happened to the crew and passengers on board. W.O.M.A.N. has been dispatched to bring them in. Other heroes that were dispatched earlier have been informed to help in tracking the villain and damage control. It has been advised that all residents in the area hide in their homes, to turn lights off and stay away from metal and electrical items. For information regarding power chord please follow this link: Powerchord; what you should know.


2 Police officers killed after approaching a potential suspect. Unconfirmed reports Powerchord and/or Cordfactor are responsible. Incident occurred on or nearby the M65 junction 8.


Information is sparse but it is believed that the source of the blasts was some sort of super or monster at Haworth Treasures Art Gallery. There are unconfirmed reports of as many as 10 dead and 24 injured. It is believed by police that a known super villain is responsible for the atrocities.

MHA, has stated it has dispatched multiple heroes to work with the police and emergency services to help victims and locate the cause.

We will be reporting here when we have more information. If you spot anyone suspicious please report their location to emergency services and do not approach them.

Sarah Thorneson