An Explanation for our Name and Styling

Many people wonder why our news site and paper is so Pink and Cute. Well the answer is, you can blame Temperance Carter, unfortunately or fortunately for us, she won a bet when the paper was first conceived 6 years ago. The victor of the bet could basically dictate the name and style of the newspaper. The bet? Well it was a bet between 2 college girls, one the class clown and the other the nerdy straight A* student. The two were best friends and decided to create a small newspaper together, whoever could get the better overall exam results at the end of the year would get to name the Newspaper, and be the primary editor of the bet. And well, the class clown scored 100% on every exam, winning the bet, yes unsurprisingly Tempi was the class clown, perhaps more surprisingly she was also a top student.

Tempi is a lover of cute things, pink, purples and so on. She is also an unrelenting force and ruthless person who will never give up her cutesy pink newspaper.