Dark Moth takes on a Protege; The Winged Butterfly

This morning, Dark Moth held a very short press conference in which they revealed they are taking a new hero under their wing, this hero shall be known as the Winged Butterfly.

Who is the Winged Butterfly?

Well we don’t know. They have not yet seen combat or work, at least not recorded in the public eye.

But what do we know?

Well, the Winged Butterfly has been shown to us, visually they are very similar to the Dark Moth, but their colouration is much more vibrant and bright with blacks and greys replaced with white, their wings are also far larger than the Dark Moths’s.
The Winged Butterfly is much shorter than the Dark Moth and much more slender and thin, ultimately they almost look like parent and young teenage child. Their abilities are said to be similar to that of the Dark Moth.

Where did they come from?

Again we do not know. We believe that the person in question must already be experienced through one way or another so likely has military or special ops training, went through a hero course or was previously a hero. I have personally spent hours going through various databases and records as well as speaking to contacts and various reporters to try and find out more. But alas, they are an enigma, just like Dark Moth.

Why take on an apprentice?

Well Dark Moth never mentioned much explicitly other than wanting to make sure the world always had capable heroes and that their knowledge and skills should be passed onto younger generations.
Reading into the situation ourselves, we can come up with a few more likely scenarios:
Since Dark Moth belongs to the Universal League of Heroes (ULH) and is considered one of top 5 heroes, we believe they are following their American and Greek colleagues in taking a protege. Early last year Power Bomb the Top American Hero took on Powerboy as his protege and then later that year took on Powergirl as a second protege. Earlier this year the Greek top hero Submerging Wave took on Aqua Pressure as a protege. Dark Moth could simply be following what the other top heroes seem to be doing.
Another theory is that Dark Moth wishes to support the ULHJ (Universal League of Heroes Juniors) an organisation founded after Submerging Wave took on a protege and currently only has 3 members, the 3 previously protege’s, well it now has 4 members with the addition of the Winged Butterfly, who has already been accepted as a member of ULHJ.
Others have suggested that the Winged Butterfly is related to the Dark Moth and that is the primary reason why the two are now working together.

Find out more about the Winged Butterfly here.

Sarah Thorneson