Pete On The Street: Day 4 of 5 of PXG103-T10 Interviews; The Denier

Hello, it is Pete, here with or as Pete on the Street. If you are unfamiliar with Pete on the Street, it is an interview series where I, Pete Winkledale, interview random members of the public to find their opinion on various matters, and then I bring you the full unabridged unedited Interviews (assuming all of what was said was suitable for a family friendly paper). Currently I am doing a series of 5 interviews over 5 days to celebrate 5 years of PXG103-T10. If you are unfamiliar with PXG103-T10 then you can read about it here; PXG103-T10. Basically it is a set of strict Privacy Laws, which is sort of ironic considering we are invading people’s privacy to interview them about privacy laws which we are apparently “celebrating”.

Today I am in Leeds, at the Trinity Shopping centre. Let’s see who we get to meet.
(This introductory paragraph was brought to you by Temperance Carter)

Pete: Wow is that the latest Powerbomb action figure?

Guy: Why yes it is, but the correct term is

Collectors figurine. I have been wanting Powerbomb’s figure but it is so expensive and all my local shops sold out through pre-orders.

That’s what I love about the Hero Arcade, they like to limit the number of pre-orders on products so there are always some in store. I actually pre-ordered one but decided to buy a second for display purposes, and one for just keeping in mint condition.

Awww, you are so lucky, did you manage to get the Lightning Slash model, that one is amazing, I was so lucky to get my hands on one, she’s one of my fav heroes.

Heh heh heh. Of course I did. I wouldn’t let such a sexy model not be in my collection, I live for the detail they put on the £*%@” and the £%@”$” and awww the @%£)”($.

I think we may like the model for different reasons. But while I have your attention, I actually work with Fluff Tuft News, and am doing interviews with members of the public, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Depends on the questions.

They are just on PXG10…

PXG103-T10!!? I hate it so much. Since those stupid laws came in there have been less hero merchandise what merch there is is stupidly limited and so over priced. Like what happened to competition and anti monopoly laws! Barely any companies make proper merchandise. Stupid child toys don’t count! And trying to get pictures of the heroes is so difficult. Before you could get all the sexy and vulnerable pics of the heroes in action, in their tight suits. And the torn clothes and the upskirts. But now it is all gone.And it even affects photoshop @£)(%> how am I meant to @{“?%” off to stupid normals. It is a sexist law I tell you! Designed to single out men for being men. Who cares if these so called heroes don’t like the attention, they shouldn’t heroes if they don’t like it. They are asking for it by being heroes, and they shouldn’t dress the way they do if they don’t like that attention or let their clothes get all torn up, they are seriously saying just take pics off me and do things to me! Ugh, the army dresses piratically, and  their clothing is not in the slightest bit revealing.

I think heroes have focus more on movability and agility than the military, and some powers require specialised clothing.

That’s just an excuse. It is just a bad, sexist law made by radical-feminism and liberalness.

I understand but, erm look I’ve got to get going, thank you for your time.

[The interview was colour coded to make it easier to read. Any strange spelling or pronunciation has been done to try and replicate the speaking habits of the individual. No offence is intended in our depiction of the interviewee, we strife for accuracy in our writings.]

Pete Winkledale