Powerchord Incident, a rundown.

There has now been a release of official figures and missing persons in relation to the Powerchord incident that occurred yesterday;
21 Dead
18 Badly Injured – 3 in intensive care in unstable condition, 1 ICU patient in stable condition.
56 with minor injuries.

Among the dead are 2 police officers, a helicopter pilot and 3 members of staff of SBC News, 13 civilians died in the original series of blasts in Accrington, 3 more members of the public died from simply being too close while he was on the run.

The official story of events is:

Powerchord escaped their confines in Australia 5 days ago, they left a dummy in their place so the prison was unaware of the escape until last night.
Powerchord made their way to the Lancashire and Manchester area in an attempt to find where Cordfactor was being held.
It is believed that Powerchord caused a commotion when a member of the public either tried to get too close or confronted them in some way, fearing their cover would be blown, they blew away everything close by.
Realising they could not escape the hero and police response, Powerchord started to consume all metals they could while on the run.
With confirmation of Powerchord, the emergency services and heroes chose to track and predict Powerchord’s movements. Using disguises and camouflage techniques to give the illusion of powerful heroes that Powerchord would want to avoid, the authorities managed to herd him to a relatively uninhabited and empty area, where they had already begun setting up a trap, observation posts, and evacuating nearby citizens and metals.
WOMAN then was given the go ahead to engage Powerchord but not to use any extreme force until the surrounding area was safe of when Powerchord started to reach the boundaries. When all was ready WOMAN obliterated Powerchord and Dark Moth utilized their tracking and flight abilities to capture the remains of Powerchord.
Supers with telepathy were used for communication due to Powerchord’s ability to listen in on radio waves.

Two new prison capsules were recently finished to contain Powerchord and Cordfactor separately. It is believed Powerchord heard that the new prison would be shipped to Australia and that is why Powerchord chose now to escape and took such great risks.

The new prison is multilayered, made from plastic and glass, once Powerchord is placed inside, it will be filled with liquid resin that will dry, each layer of the cell has mutliple resin injectors and will inject more resin if any deformities occur. Each prison cost £2.1 million to produce and were built and funded by multiple countries.

Sarah Thorneson