The Tragic Terrifying Trees of Talion

Hello readers, I, Gothboth Le Strenge, bring you some most sorrowful news, we know there has been a rise in depression and a rise in winter depression over the last few decades. But what is the cause of this? Well, it is nothing quite so mundane as too much junk food, pollution, not enough exercise and so on. Instead.
It is much more terrifying and horrific. The trees or more accurately, the spectres of long deceased trees, the trees that once inhabited this land before the dawn of man. For where man trod, the mighty oaks fell, the majestic yews were slaughtered and the fragile willow found itself burnt alive. Our ancestors and many of our living kin have treated nature and the once benevolent trees with disregard and cruelty.

The trees of old were once forgiving and merciful, but over millennia we have tortured that kindness out of their very souls. All that remains is vengeance, anger and a ferocious hunger for our very souls. Just as we hungered for their flesh, made homes from their corpses and burnt their limbs, they wish to do the same to our life essence.

The trees are returning in spiritual form, following us and draining us of our life essence, until we are nothing more than empty husks and hanging corpses. Killing ourselves and each other due to their hunger, their actions. How can you tell the trees are hunting you? Listen for the rustling of leaves and the billowing of branches when there is none to see, when there are no trees around or when the wind is still. Look for shadows where none should be, look for reflections of branches and and trees in windows, car doors and other reflective services. Look for dead and leafless trees that look out of place, especially in winter where they can easily hide in plain site. Look to see if there are lots of dead plants in your garden or more active weeds than usual.

What can you do when you realise there is a tree stalking you? Well nothing. You can do nothing, all you now know is the cause, the diagnosis of your ailment, why you or your family members are miserable and depressed. The reason for your misfortune is these angelic trees of death, reaping their vengeance and sowing seeds of our demise. You could try begging on you knees, apologising, taking care of the plants around you, fighting for tree rights, maybe then the trees will forgive you and move onto some other unfortunate soul… maybe and only maybe.
The trees of Talion hunger for our immortal souls and there is nothing any of us can do to stop them.

Say your goodbyes, be strong and live your lives happily and for one another while you still can. Maybe if humanity works together as one unit to bring back the era of the tree will we finally be able to give these spectres the peace they deserve. You may think me just a fool or a fear monger, but I assure you I am neither.

Gothboth Le Strenge