Superpowered Woman Stabs Man In Manchester

A 27 year old man was stabbed in broad daylight by a woman with “metal hands” witnesses say she was dressed in a green hoodie, black leggings and dark red cuffed boots, her hair also appeared to be made from metal, other witnesses claim her hair was brown or black before the stabbing, her skin colour and nationality is unknown. She fled after the stabbing. The condition the man is in is unknown as of yet. It is unknown if they knew one another. Police are looking for her, and 2 heroes are on standby in case she proves too much for the police and super squad to deal with.


The man is reported to be in the ICU but in a stable condition, police have stationed multiple guards for him. He is believed to be a Drug Lord and Head of a Human Trafficking Ring. It is unknown as of yet who or where the woman is that stabbed him, or why she did. Current theories are: she could be a jilted ex, she may be an assassin, a fellow gang member turned traitor or even one of the woman he trafficked attempting to escape. At this point investigators are looking at all possibilities.

More will be posted when we have the information available. If you see the woman in question, as always. do not approach her, and when it is safe to do so calmly contact emergency services to inform them of her location.

Sarah Thorneson


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