Pet Shelter Extravaganza

Hello Again, Tempi again… if you couldn’t tell by the pastel coloured purple text. Today and the day before and all this past week I was at Tuftham Homes For Lost Pets. They are indefinitely holding a Spend A Day With A Pet, event and all next week they will be holding a bake sale all next week. Why are they doing this? Well they are understaffed and have too many animals to care for. ;~;
If you want to help you can do ones of these things:
1: Volunteer, you don’t have to have any animal experience, they have many things that need to be done from finance, cooking, security, runners, receptionist and so on.
2: Donate money so they can expand and hire more employees, any and all amounts will help.
3: Adopt. Adopt one or more of the pets. As long as you are prepared and ready to handle the responsibility of keeping an animal, they could really do with having a few taken off there hands. If you can, adopting the sick, black furred, weird looking or old animals will help a lot. People rarely adopt those animals and many of them will likely live the rest of their lives in the shelter, and although the shelter staff are very loving it is no way for such amazing potential companions to die. Such animals often require extra care, and are costly to keep and sadly will likely die sooner than other animals after adoption. But if you can take the responsibility, and extra pressure, you will give a tormented soul love, happiness and hope, as well as taking a large amount of pressure from the shelter staff. These animals can be ultra loving and all they want is to love someone.
4: Come down for the Spend A Day With A Pet event. Doing so will allow you to play with a pet for a day and reduce the pressure on the shelter, if you enjoy your time with the animal you can always adopt them.
5: Tell your friends.
6: If you do not live in the area, there is a good chance your local shelters are also struggling, so why not go help your local shelter?


I know this has been a little sadder than my normal articles but I love animals and it hurts my little heart to see them struggling so much. I would be so happy if everyone could help out there local shelter. 0u0
When the shelter reaches its goal I will write a short story based on a title made from random words. *3*

Temperance Carter


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