Pete On The Street: Day 5 of 5 of PXG103-T10 Interviews; The Shy

Hello, it is Pete, here with or as Pete on the Street. If you are unfamiliar with Pete on the Street, it is an interview series where I, Pete Winkledale, interview random members of the public to find their opinion on various matters, and then I bring you the full unabridged unedited Interviews (assuming all of what was said was suitable for a family friendly paper). Currently I am doing a series of 5 interviews over 5 days to celebrate 5 years of PXG103-T10. If you are unfamiliar with PXG103-T10 then you can read about it here; PXG103-T10. Basically it is a set of strict Privacy Laws, which is sort of ironic considering we are invading people’s privacy to interview them about privacy laws which we are apparently “celebrating”.

Today I am in outside Fluff Tuft News Offices I hope to interview my direct superior and editor while she is getting her lunch.
(This introductory paragraph was brought to you reluctantly by Temperance Carter)

Pete: Hello Tempi!

Temperance Carter: Greetings short stack. I thought you would be doing your Pete on the Street thing. I doubt you are going to get much here.

I thought we could talk over lunch.

Why? You can’t seduce me with food. Also no you can’t get a pay rise, and you have 3 months left of your current contract so you can’t leave for 3 months yet, and talks about renewing it are in like 2 months.

I… erm just wanted to get your opinion on things.

What things? I am always giving you my opinion and forcing it on you, I am your editor.

You know for the PXG thing?

Ohhh. I think your interviews are going well. My favourite was when you found out I and the CEO are 24. Hehe. Don’t worry about that, you are already a good interviewer and public correspondent, just need to work on that confidence of yours. Believe in yourself. Maybe then I’ll stop pushing you around. Hehe. I doubt it, you are fun to push around. Such an adorable tiny person, plus I kinda mess with everyone.

I swear you pick on me more.

Hmm, no I bully the boss woman most, but then again I spend more time with her than anyone else. But ha Sarah gets way more hell than you do. 

Sarah? Really?

Yeah she’s way more used to me though and doesn’t get embarrassed unlike the rest of you. Granted most of the hell I put her through is just incidental rather than purposeful. Ha. Fun none the less.

I think we are getting off track anyway.

Really? What track are we meant to be on? I am not a fan of trains, they are loud and make me queasy.

Well, I wanted to talk to you about PXG.

What about it?

You know, you wrote the questions. What are your views and so on. I thought it would be good to ask someone I knew in the journalism business.

S-so y-you are r-r-ecord-recordin-recording this conv-convo-conversat-con

Conversation. Yes. For Pete on the Street.

I-I-I am n-nonot good at th-this s-sort o-of th-thing. Anxious anxiety, not good. No.

But you are so gleeful all the time. And you write in the paper and stuff.

Tha-that is diff-differ-diiffferrent. An act. I I am use-used to people you You people Fluff Tuft people. b-b-b-b-bbut this is d-differen-different.

It is just to the same readers as normal and you’ll edit it.

I ha-hate be-being re-re-re-recorded. And each word carefully written, chosen. On spot, talk, not same.

Okay, sorry. I will find someone else. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you okay?

I-it all right. I will okay be. I guess it, example of the good. Privacy, rules. I like PXG.

I think I may and get someone to help, you look really pale.


(Pete later got a telling off from the big bad boss woman.)

[The interview was colour coded to make it easier to read. Any strange spelling or pronunciation has been done to try and replicate the speaking habits of the individual. No offence is intended in our depiction of the interviewee, we strife for accuracy in our writings.]

Pete Winkledale