Sidehire Confirmed to Still be in Prison

Mai Mai Ballerina made the claim that Sidehire was the one who organised and put her up to a series of burglaries and arson, as well as putting her in contact with multiple criminal entities.

Alas it looks bleak for Mai Mai Ballerina as Sidehire has been confirmed to still be in prison, and prison wardens have claimed there is no way he could have left or escaped at any point. Currently there is no evidence that he has any communication with the outside world, or any evidence of Sidehire being involved at all, especially since all others involved who have confessed deny Sidehires’ involvement.

Police are still investigating all possibilities with Sidehires’ potential involvement, at the urging of Dark Moth.
Accordingly Dark Moth is unwilling to let Sidehire go as suspect until there is undeniable proof he was not involved. “Sidehire is not a man who would leave behind evidence that could be found within a day and he would no be foolish enough to allow himself to be caught out by mundane methods.” Equally Dark Moth does not believe Mai Mai Ballerina could or would organise such a series of crimes.
Detectives working on the case admit that there are likely to be more suspects or a hidden cache(s) due to how, much of the valuables and stolen goods have not yet been found.

More on this story as it develops.

Sarah Thorneson


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