Super Make’s History In Queen’s Birthday Parade

Today is the Queens official birthday, she has two birthdays a year… no wonder she is so old. But you know what that means? Yes, that is right, we can all go out and buy a cake all to ourselves and no one will judge us… also it means all the people in the big funny fluffy black hats do a parade outside her front door. The hats are called bearskin hats… thankfully not made from actual bearskin, the people are the queens guard.
But how did a super make history? Well he didn’t wear a big fluffy hat…  making him the first person to not wear such a hat on parade except for religious reasons, this isn’t surprising due to their lack of hat shelving space, the super in question cannot be named and they are not a hero or part of the Super Forces or S-Ops so there is no hero name or cool code name or any other alias. But I can tell you the reason they can’t wear a hat is because their head is basically a misty, ethereal snake like… head… thingymajig. They did wear a black turban like cloth, but apparently a bearskin hat is too large and heavy to keep attached to their rather… unusual form.

Supers have always been enjoyed by the military forces, and since the 1940s when super heroes started to become popular, the armed forces have so enjoyed showing off their special operative supers. But it is rare that your more everyday and especially unusual looking supers get to take part in parades and other public events in dress. In fact it is rare for supers to be included at all unless they are being used like some sort of centre piece or weapon to show off. D’:

So for this reason it is nice to see supers be allowed to take part as normal people, maybe this is a sign of increased tolerance and reduced discrimination. ^3^ We certainly hope so.

He had this to say “During my time I have never been made to feel left out or treated as special for who I am, my friends, colleagues, superiors and kin in arms have always made me feel like one of the men and I am proud to have been able to take part in this parade and hopefully many more like it to come. I may get called super and I may stand out, but I am no more super than those stood around me.” Speaking to his commanding officer we have found his power does allow him to evade injury from weapons quite effectively but equally his power makes it hard to interact with items in the world from foods, to weapons to clothes and so on, they had this to say. “We do have to treat him uniquely, his diet and equipment especially, but we treat all our soldiers uniquely if needed. Many soldiers are vegan, have allergies, disabilities or illness, dietary requirements and religious beliefs. If we treated everyone the same way we would have a pretty useless military.”

So, yeah. Nice to see a super treated as just another person… but are we actively undoing that? By writing an article about it we are treating as something weird and unusual than the norm and also treating the super as someone who is different and not just another member of society. But I guess since the article is about bearskin hats more than it is about supers… or was meant to be… I guess that makes it okay? Politics is confusing. I am a super myself, the fact that I like to hide it and can hide it makes my life so much easier. This is why I was asked to write the article wasn’t it? Plausible deniability. Ah, I am jesting, I just wrote the article because I thought it was a nice and showed the changing pace and progression of society and our country as a whole. *D* 

Temperance Carter