TAXIman Sighted In London

TAXIman, one of Great Scotlans’ most celebrated heroes, has been sighted chasing moped gangs in London.
Moped gangs may seem a bit small and insignificant for a such a powerful hero, but they have been terrorising the streets of London for months now, and with his ability to instant move anywhere and safely capture such criminals he has seemingly decided to lend a hand in eradicating the menace.

TAXIman is often known to battle against and arrest small time criminals. His powers make dealing with them swift and effortless, knowing that TAXIman or a similarly powerful hero could appear at any time has helped reduce crime in major cities by a noticeable if not entirely great amount.

If you spot any heroes fighting crime near you, make sure to tell us, we would love to hear about it.

Sarah Thorneson