Female Super Responsible For Manchester Stabbing, Found

The woman with powers responsible for stabbing notorious mob boss, Victor Havar
has been found. An elder couple found her sleeping under a bridge early this morning,. They fed her, clothed her and contacted the police. Apparently they were completely unaware of who she was and thought she was nothing more than a young woman in need of help. Which as it turns out may be the case. The woman speaks little English and is believed to be a Polish national by birth. She went into police custody at 12:30 today.

Police have contacted Polish authorities and confirmed she is the woman responsible for the stabbing. They believe the attack was in self defence and that she was, lied to, tricked or otherwise illegally brought to Great Scotlan for nefarious purposes, against her will.

Currently she is being looked after by hospital staff and guarded by police. Although a full report of her health has not yet been released and is unlikely to be released we have been told she suffered extensive bruising, and that she was extremely malnourished. She is not thought to be a danger to anyone but herself. She is also undergoing numerous test to check for disease and mistreatment and other injuries.

It is not yet known if she will be allowed to stay in the country or even if she wants to. We at Fluff Tuft News wish her the best of luck.

Sarah Thorneson


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