Gang, Inspired By Pretty Princess, Destroyed By WOMAN

The Hero known as W.O.M.A.N. aided Police forces in invading and taking out the headquarters of a dangerous Edinburgh based gang. The gang of muggers and petty criminals were greatly inspired by the styling and ruthlessness of the infamous villain, Pretty Princess.

The gang known as, Pretty Princess’ Pretty Punks, or The 4Ps Gang, targeted jewellery stores, warehouses, mansions and anyone who looked wealthy in order to collect as many precious gemstones and expensive fabrics as possible. The gang also had a number of the morganite crystals created by Pretty Princess in her various rages and attacks. The gang was especially feared for their violent ways and actions and complete disregard for life, including their own. The gang successfully raided a police warehouse back in March, although it is believed they were after the morganite stored there, they also managed to get away with numerous weapons.

The gang was believed to have smuggled weapons from Russia and the USA. This has been confirmed by today’s raid.

The raid was classed as very successful, use of various gases, primarily tear gas, along with the aid of WOMAN allowed all gang members to be quickly arrested and detained with only minor injuries and damages occurring.

Description of the events are as follows:

  • Woman went in first destroying a wall not required for the structural support of the building. She drew the enemies fire and was obviously unaffected by it, she then used minimal force to incapacitate the some of the gang members. Following this she deployed a form of knock out gas.
  • 1 minute after WOMAN entered and as soon as she deployed the gas, 3 SWAT teams assaulted the building, through each entrance. They deployed tear gas as they entered and used rubber bullets to subdue enemies.
  • WOMAN, used her highly refined power to disable and obliterate most enemy weapons before they could be used on the police officers.
  • 5 minutes after WOMAN first entered all members of the gang were restrained and in police custody. Some had minor injuries attended to.

Currently all the gang members are on sedatives to prevent them injuring themselves as they struggle against their bonds and to allow doctors to treat them. The police are unsure what to do with the gang members as they are as likely to kill themselves as anyone else if just thrown into a cell or normal prison.

Sarah Thorneson