Sit Down Relax, Listen to Some Calming Music

Just a silly reminder to stop taking life and stress too seriously and to take a moment to chillax, calm down, put some relaxing music on and then carry on. Life is fun and to be enjoyed. Sometimes it is easy to forget that, and we all need a reminder from time to time. *3*

If you are already doing all the chillaxing and relaxing and other out of date catch phrases, then you my friend, you are are good. If you are saying no one needs any of that relax mumbojumbo. Dude. You do. Being stressed all the time leads to shorter life expectancy, health problems, mistakes, hurting of others and yourself and poor decision making. So, just take a moment to breath, and put on a calming music mix, Be calm.

Don’t put off your own happiness. Like “I’ll be happy when X happens.” “I’ll be good when this stops” and stop making excuses for your own misery. Be happy, be good and stop listening to the bad voices and thoughts in your head.

Just sit back, stretch, relieve all that tension in your body. And take it slow for a few minutes. X’3

As I said, more of a reminder. Just in case you are allowing yourself to be worked up too much over something. Even I get like that. X’P And yes I know there are many events, issues and so on that require stress and you don’t have time to slow down and where your own mental health prevents you from just chillaxing. But this is a reminder for those that are in a position where they can relax but aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity. X’3

I wish you all to be happy and relaxed though. *Hugs*

Temperance Carter