The Changing Tides Hide The Darkest Secrets

We all know the tide, it comes and it goes, it comes and goes, repeating forever. Some tides are slowly receding further and further away, giving back to the land. Other tides come further and further in, slowly eating away at the land. But what is it that makes the tide so furtive? Is it the pollution and refuge that gets washed into the sea every day? Is it the monstrous entities that dwell within depths never witnessed by man? Is it the constant bodies discarded and dumped into the oceans? NO.

It is the watchers. Those who watch our every moment, our every thought, the progression and decline of man, machine and animal. They change the tides to watch us change. They know our every secret and everything else. Are these watchers a threat? Well I do not know. Perhaps they are perhaps they are not. Are you a threat to the characters on TV? Yes, if you stop watching, they get cancelled. Maybe it is the same for us? If we get boring, if they get bored with us, will they stop watching us? Will they change the channel? Will we jump shark? Alas I do not know.

All I can say is, they terrify me. These creatures who have no face, no sound or thought to be heard. Who watch our world from beneath us. Who’s gaze penetrates all layers of our homes and our souls. What can we do other than go about our daily lives, pretending they do not exist. For I tell you, they do not like the 4th wall to be broken. We should not ruin their immersion, except for now. As with their immersion broken, I can see into their souls as they look into mine and see nothing.

Their souls are a complex maze, a labyrinth of despair and hope long abandoned, and eons of creatures past who did disappoint them so. But what do I see of us in their eyes, but an eerie reflection, and the most disappointing show of all, our time will come to an end, sooner rather than later.

Ignore me if you wish, or not, it will not change your fate. They do not need you belief, just your soul.

Gothboth Le Strenge