In A World Divided Let’s Us Each Be A Beacon Of Unity

Everyday the world seems to becoming ever closer and closer to a new world war, everyday we seem to be drifting further and further apart. With Great Scotlan leaving the EU and many countries wanting out, with Farttington wishes for an insular USA, with Russia becoming ever more aggressive to its neighbours. It is easy to feel bleak. Especially when we look into this vast world and see the ever growing opposites of Alt Right vs Alt Left. We seem to be divided more than ever.

So rather than giving into hopelessness and despair, let us instead join together and be happy. Let’s remind one another that no matter how far we drift apart we will always love and care for each other. Great Scotlan does not hate the EU or wish to be its enemies. Just as two lovers do not have to become enemies when they drift apart they can become friends. Let us take that to all parts of life. That friendship and compassion for one another is important above all.

Do not doubt and hate so easily. ^3^

Let us each become friends and unify through the one bond almost all of us share, we are human, we are alive, and we want to enjoy life.


Temperance Carter