Last Funeral Held For The Latest ‘Powerchord Incident’ Victims.

A funeral for the married couple Amanda and Terry Heathcourt was held is Los Angeles today. The two were visiting relatives when they were brutally killed by Powerchord last Wednesday, in Accrington. They were among 22 to have died from Powerchord’s rampage.

Of those injured, none are currently in intensive care but 2 remain in hospital. Compensation has been paid out to all 95 of the victims and their relatives, by the government of Australia.

No one else is expected to die from their injuries.

Despite Powerchord’s numerous prison escapes in the past, the Australian government and prison body has taken full responsibility for the incident, claiming it is their own fault Powerchord escaped and if they had realised sooner maybe casualties could have been reduced if not avoided all together. A lawyer representing the victims and families had this to say:

“We are grateful for the compensation and do not hold the Australian government or prison staff accountable for these tragic events, nor do we hold anyone else accountable other than Powerchord. We thank the hospital staff, heroes and the brave emergency services for their service to us and the greater community, we wish you to continue helping and saving more lives.”

Staff looking over the current detention of Powerchord and Cordfactor have claimed the new prison has been extremely successful and with hope will be able to keep them detained indefinitely.

We at Fluff Tuft News will keep you updated if there are any more developments.

Sarah Thorneson