Nole Scent Sells $500 ‘Emission Eaters’

The eccentric Billionaire, electric car lover and wanna be space explorer and Mars Colonist, Nole Scent has started selling so called “Emission Eaters” through his The Humdrum Company. The Humdrum Companies goal is to create Nolerails, a raised monorail like system that aims to revolutionise public and automated transport world wide, while having little impact on the environment… outside of causing minor distress to birds. To fund this project The Humdrum company sells extremely overpriced, but limited edition items. First there was the white Shirt with The Humdrum Company written on it in bold black ink, that sold for $100.

But now Emission Eaters are all the rage. What is an Emission Eater? Well it is something that helps reduce pollution in the air. There are 3 Emission Eaters available.

  1. $300 The Peace Lily, a generic small household Peace Lily, in a “state of the art pot,, you can tell it is state of the art because it is white and sleek”, the pot has the words, The Humdrum Company, stamped on it. 30,000 available
  2. $500 The Concrete Mecha. An anime inspired mecha figure made out of the famous pollution eating concrete. The mecha stands at 9″ tall and has The Humdrum Company, written on the base. 20,000 available.
  3. $20,000 The Big Concrete Mecha, other than standing at 5ft tall and featuring 2 Galax-Y Rockets taking off behind it, the mecha is exactly the same as its smaller counterpart, just scaled up. And once again is made out of pollution eating concrete. 1500 available.

Unfortunately they have sold out of all online products but will be holding 5 “meet and takes”. The Humdrum Company headquarters will be selling 333 units of each product on 5 different days. To participate you have to buy a $300 dollar ticket to attend one of the events, and to have the opportunity to buy one of these products.

The first of these events was today and well, they sold out, very quickly.

10% of all profits that The Humdrum Company makes goes to environmental charities, the rest goes to funding the Nolerail.

So if you want some overpriced paper weights that could help save the world, then continue watching The Humdrum Company website.

Sarah Thorneson