The Mysterious Dark Moth

Pete, as in Pete Winkledale, you may know me from the “Pete on the Street” series we sometimes run. Tempi, who is my editor and direct supervisor has told me I need to get used to writing without a script or dictation. At the moment I am not exactly good at that. It is scary. So she said I had to write an article about my favourite super, since I joined the team so I could have a chance to interview supers, it is my dream to interview all the supers, you see. This article is only being posted online and as of yet we don’t have many online readers so I doubt anyone will see it, so I that puts my mind at ease a bit.

I don’t actually have a favourite super, well I have many favourites but none that I hold better than the rest. So instead I will be writing about the super who if I was told I could interview any one super throughout all history and they would answer any question I had, who it would be. The one I would choose is probably Dark Moth, because everyone else I feel like I could have a semi realistic chance of interviewing, or at the very least a lot of info about them is already known. So here goes something.

There is not much to write about Dark Moth at least when it comes to who they are. Dark Moth is aloof to say the very least, and all that we do know is written¬†here. So I guess I should write about some of their recorded achievements. Dark Moth first appeared 6 years ago and has also had the second highest arrest record of any hero in the past 6 years, the Highest record belongs to TAXIman, but TAXIman can teleport himself and anything else anywhere in the universe instantly so he doesn’t count. For the past 5 years Dark Moth has been considered one of the top 5 Heroes in the world along side USA’s Powerbomb, Greece’s Submerging Wave, Canada’s Lighting Slash and Algeria’s Rhinoclaw. This is due to Dark Moth’s willingness to put themselves in harms way and their success against extremely potent threats.

Perhaps the largest threat The Dark Moth has taken down was Pretty Princess. 11 months after the Dark Moths’ debut, Pretty Princess escaped custody and wrecked havoc on the closest city, Berlin, the heroes on alert at the time were unfortunately not in any position to be able to so much as challenge her, TAXIman (her nemesis) himself was off duty and not responding to distress calls, this was apparently due to having fallen asleep in the bath. Dark Moth travelled from London to Berlin within minutes and fought her one on one, the battle and trading of blows caused tremors that were said to be felt as far Calais. But as dawn broke over the crystallised city Dark Moth not only stood victorious but had begun reversing the effects of her Morganite Ray.

It would only be 2 weeks later when Dark Moth would face another great challenge alone. An asteroid travelling faster than any recorded celestial object before it. On a collision course with Earth, due to its speed and material it went undetected by most others. But Dark Moth detected it and intercepted it. The asteroid was said to be as large as France, 590 miles across. Dark Moth, used their powerful laser ability to separate the asteroid into multiple parts that would each veer off and miss Earth, all but one, which Dark Moth was able to slow down enough that other heroes had a chance to detect it and react, the remaining piece of the asteroid was stopped only a few hundred miles from earth, where Powerbomb threw it into the sun.

Since then the Dark Moth has joined the Universal League of Heroes, in fact Dark Moth is one of the founding members and has greatly aided in construction of their HQ. Dark Moth has continuously been called into action around the world and off world to deal with major threats. Just last week Dark Moth helped stop a rampaging Powerchord in Accrington.

Ultimately I could write all day why Dark Moth is one of the greatest heroes of all time. There is also so much we don’t know about them. Emergency services, governments, and hero organisations have an obvious great deal of respect and admiration for Dark Moth for their deeds that do not make it into the public eye. There are countless theories of what these deeds are. From the very dark, like assassination and torture, to the more mundane, like filing and administration.

Dark Moth is a hero and a super I would so love to know more about and to interview. But I guess one of the things that we love about Dark Moth and what makes them so intriguing is their aire of mystery and the fact they live in the shadow of secrecy.

Pete Winkledale