USA Meets With DPRK

President Farttington met today with Jin Kong Son, supreme leader of the DPRK, in Singapore. The world looked on with hope that the tyrannic leader might share enough in common with Jin that Jin could finally be the one to speak sense to Farttington. Well how did it go? Does Farttington care about the environment? Has he realised the issues of trying to cover the USA with a giant glass dome to prevent anyone getting in? Has he realised that declaring war on Canada might just be lunacy? Well… it went okay. The two seem to be happy and talking. If anything at least the leader of the DPRK who was once obsessed with taking over the world has calmed down and relaxed his violent stance to try and bring some sanity back to the USA.

So far, Farttington seems, intent on continuing his rather crazed style of leadership, Farrtington has called to halt his plan to set 30% of the Amazon Rain-forest alight “for the lolz” this comes after Jin informed him the “the funny little monkey from the museum films” lives there. So, at least some good came from this meeting.

Jin states “I think I can get through to him, but it will take time, I know I can be bit of a selfish, psychopathic, mad man. But he, he scares me. He would destroy the world and be happy about it.”

Hopefully Jin gets through to him, he is America’s last hope.

Sarah Thorneson