Lost Love of Lilith the Languished

Let me tell you the tale of a woman as old as time itself, a woman who predates man. The first woman and mother of all supers and daemons. Many of us have heard the tales of Adam the man who married his rib. The first man. A story most view as nothing more than fairy tale. But what if I told you a god of sorts does exist, or did. A being of power, an extra-terrestrial, an inter-dimensional being, with the power of creation. This being wandered the void of space alone, so very alone. In an effort to throw off this crippling yoke, they created, stars, planets, lifeforms galore and above all they created powerful beings, beings that today are known as Angels or gods. But loneliness persisted, like an itch that only got worse the more it was scratched. So as you scratch now, this Creator created the Sun, and the Earth, and upon the Earth they would work to make the perfect being a being that was perfect, as perfect as the Creator, perhaps more so, but a being that could end the loneliness once and for all.

From the ashes and ruin, from all the failure that coated the earth and coloured the land green, came the one. The Creator finally made their ultimate creation; Lilith, the first woman, the first human. the Creator was enamoured at first, for the first time in their infinite life, they felt complete. But soon, they began to realise, she was too perfect, just as she breathed life and hope into the Creator, she breathed life into everything she touched. Angels who were once robots who only did what they were told, now spoke back, rebelled, they had feeling and emotion. Animals learnt loyalty, love and hatred.

This was when the Creator realised a new emotion, Fear. For they feared Lilith, an entity that could think for itself, an entity that could give life to others, an entity that couldĀ  create life without need of the Creator. The Creator had created a force beyond themself, they had created Lilith.

Lilith was similar to her Creator in which she also felt lonely, she also felt a need to create. And it is with the Angels and gods that she cured her loneliness and began to create, the greatest of these gods and her true love is known by many names but best known today as Lucifer or Samuel. The Creator feared what was happening, they feared a second creator, they feared intelligent life, they feared their own angels. They banished Lucifer, and the children of Lilith, but of Lilith the Creator did nothing for they could not find her.

Fearing what had happened would come again, they created a new human, a being like Lilith in many ways, but lesser, with an ugly form, no ability to create, void of life and purpose. He would be named Adam, the first man.

Lilith would watch Adam from the shadows, and she felt sorry for him, a man so lonely but incapable of comprehending his own emotion, he would react with violence to his surroundings, scared and confused like the Creator, that is until Lilith approached him. As her soft words reached his ears, the spark of life came to his eyes, his mind was opened, she reached out and touched his chest and she pulled from it a rib, and she gifted to this rib a soul, a mind and a body till stood before her was a woman named Eve. Then she split her power of creation in two, and gifted Adam half her power and to Eve she gifted the other. Lilith then collapsed to ash, becoming one with the soil.

Lilith was human, and like other humans she was mortal, but the gods are immortal, Lucifer, not wishing to see their love die, gave to her immortality, before being banished. When Lucifer was banished, they did not plan to stay banished long and eventually returned, but upon returning Lucifer found their love had already died and departed this earth. For the power that granted Eve her body and soul was the same power that granted Lilith her immortality. Distraught, Lucifer tried to find a way to bring Lilith back, and that they did find. The spot where Lilith had died had given birth to a tall tree, with fruit like no other. The Creator could not bring themself to destroy this tree, knowing it carried the last essence of Lilith, but they had forbidden the 2 humans to feed from the tree, fearing what it would do to them.

Lucifer transformed into a snake to get close to the humans, undetected by the creator. With this disguise, Lucifer convinced Eve to eat from the tree, hoping it would transform Eve into Lucifer’s lost love, Lilith. But when she ate, she did not change. Something much different happened. For Lilith’s first creations and children, that were banished by the Creator are what we better know as daemons, entities who’s power rivals that of the gods, and who’s independent nature knows no bounds. Since Eve ate the fruit her children, had the chance to have great power, power that could surpass even the Creator, Lilith’s power, and these supers had a chance to be born in every generation since.

But Lucifer was not satisfied with that, for Lucifer just wants Lilith to be returned. Everyday, Lucifer grows more desperate and plots and plans and tries to find a way to bring back their lost love. Stealing humans to experiment on, starting wars, natural disasters, ripples in magic and space. Without Lilith, Lucifer is lost. What of the Creator? Well, Lucifer is also a name used by the Creator.

Gothboth Le Strenge