Submerging Wave Has Hired Sidehire To Help Rejuvenate The Greek Economy

In a surprising turn of events the Greek hero, one of the top 5 heroes in the world, Submerging Wave has purchased the services of Sidehire in an attempt to try and reverse the growing national debt and poverty in Greece. This comes as a shock to most of the world as Sidehire is a notorious Great Scotish villain who is currently serving the first of three life sentences in a Great Scotish high security, anti-super prison. Sidehire is also under criminal investigation for conspiracy to commit theft and arson.

Submerging Wave had this to say, at a press conference held in Manchester. “Sidehire may be a known criminal but has not always been such a person, he was once a normal citizen who helped those around him, he has shown great remorse for his actions and I believe he is fully capable of rehabilitation, a thought that is backed up by multiple psychologists.”

It is known that Dark Moth, the one responsible for imprisoning Sidehire does not support these views. When asked why his views differed, Submerging Wave had this to say. “Dark Moth is a dark person and paranoid at the best of times, they do not trust others easily, even other heroes. Sidehire has personally proclaimed Dark Moth to be his target and sworn an oath against Dark Moth. It is no wonder Dark Moth would not trust Sidehire. But I am an outsider of that argument and can see past that and see the real man that Sidehire is capable of being.”

He was questioned about why he chose Sidehire, there are plenty of economists and accountants out there, why a notorious villain without a degree? “Sidehire is one of the greatest minds of the past century, everyone of his plots have required vast fortunes to pull off, and every time they were funded by legal businesses and corporations that were set up by Sidehire. His business practices are completely by the book, and many of the companies were sold off for profit or still running under another person. The reason Sidehire has been so hard to track and his plans have occurred so spontaneously, is because there has never been a trail of illegal activity to track, just good business sense. I believe if he put his mind to good use, he could truly benefit the world and do something amazing. He is a man who can manipulate money to his will, not just in a sense of his power but in the more grand but normal sense.”

Submerging Wave was questioned as to why he decided to shoulder the responsibility of Greece’s economic downturn. “I chose to do so because I am a hero. It is my job to help people. What more can I do to help than make sure the people of my homeland have jobs, healthcare, a roof above their head and food in their bellies?”

Dark Moth has not been available for questioning. Press and outsiders are not allowed access to Sidehire.

It is certainly a shocking twist but if Submerging Wave thinks it is the right thing to do and if Dark Moth has not spoken out against it, I can not say the it is wrong to hire Sidehire. Whatever happens it is clearly a story to keep a close eye on.

Sarah Thorneson