U.L.H. HQ. Completed After 5 Years Of Construction

The Universal League of Heroes (ULH) finally have a finished Headquarters which is situated almost exactly at the centre of the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest man made structure to ever exist, at 2.5 Km wide and the tallest point being almost 1 Km above the surface of the ocean, while traveling over 5 Km below the surface of the ocean. No structure or project in history is anywhere near as ambitious or impressive. Despite only being finished today, the structure was functional within the first year of construction.

The construction was a joint project with funding and support from every country in the world, and utilised the powers of many supers most of all the Heroes who would be using it as a home and place of work. Vast amounts of magics were utilized in the transporting of materials. construction, design and the sustaining of each and every piece of the structure. Submerging Wave has been noted as essential in construction of the seabed base.

Within its confines is a two layer civilian airport and hotel. The airport is often used for fuel stops for long haul journeys and was the first, above the sea surface, part of the structure to be finished. The airport and hotel also offers support and services to damaged planes and planes that are grounded due to poor weather. The hotel is where most journalists and politicians can expect to spend the vast majority of their time. A rather impressive and inspiring part of the structure is the underground runway that sits below the surface runway. The mages who live and work within the HQ along with specialised tech keep the surrounding weather clear when required for flights and safety.

It also houses two floating ports to the east and west, each of these ports are capable of docking 2 of the largest ships in the world, in addition to other more conventional sized vessels. The ports and docked vessels can be easily raised the 200 meters to the main structure where the ports will fit in seamlessly.

Within the main base is a bunker known as the Last Saviour, an “impregnable” bunker that runs through the base under the ocean and far below the ocean floor, it is capable of housing 3.2 million people, has artificial sunlight, indoor farms, orchards, wildlife zones and more. Only 100 people have ever seen inside this bunker. The care-taking of it is left to golems, demonic servants and advanced AI robots.. It is only to be used in an event that has made or will make the earth uninhabitable.

The primary confines for the heroes, is apparently large enough to permanently house 1500 heroes and their families (ULH currently only has 326 members). It has numerous facilities for those living inside from a theme park, to pools, to shopping centres, warehouses, arcades, play centres and nature parks. As you can imagine it also contains all the facilities heroes would need, from armories, teleportation and gateway centres, magical research labs, high tech labs, factory facilities, conference rooms, 12 vertical take off and landing pads, and much more.

It is theorised to have the greatest military potential of any country (despite it not being a country), in terms of weaponry, the entire body of the building is coated in stealthed and shielded weapons, the likes of which exist no where else in the world, from turret cannon and lasers, to missile systems, emps, mortars, torpedoes, magical signal blasters and much more. Within, it houses thousands of jets, helicopters, ships, submarines and vessels that I don’t have an official name that is shared with the public. All of which can be controlled by a complex AI and Magical Index system. The armoury is said to hold an arsenal of weapons that only the few heroes that created them could tell you about, not that they would. These weapons and other equipment again are said to have a terrifying potential beyond anything else.

Thankfully only the heroes, families and personnel approved by the ULH have access to the main base. And only high ranked members have access to the operations areas and only the highest ranked few have access to any of the storage, armory and weapon systems. Accordingly no physical or digital documentation exists of any of these items and those who’s memories could be cleared of any data had their memories wiped of the data. The ULH has stated that they do not wish any government or persons to have access to such equipment, but the world will likely require such items to exist in order to protect it. Many people have cited PowerFactor and Pretty Princess as reasons such destructive items may have to exist, especially if certain heroes were to no longer be around in the future.

Various government bodies have complained about the heroes weaponising themselves and their facilities. The ULH created its weapon systems and armory without the consent or knowledge of any government body. The ULH response has been one that villainised the very governments that helped form them, “We cannot allow military power to continuously dictate what occurs in the world. These precautions make sure no government body can ever bully or attack the ULH or its members. Equally we cannot allow just a few rogue states to police the world. The reason for the ULH existence is to protect and police the world. If any nation wishes to have a war, remember, they will have to speak to us and your nukes are meaningless to us.” Many have applauded the ULH, and many worry about future generations of heroes being too power hungry and abusing the power of the ULH. Over the past 4 years since, the world has seemed to unify around the ULH and world wide denuclearisation seems closer than ever.

On a personal note, writing about the ULH and the building feels strange, like I am tasked with describing something from a story or cartoon, not a real life organisation, structure and series of events. But considering the power that the top heroes wield, I shouldn’t be so shocked by the fact I am writing this article.

Last year two of Fluff Tuft News own members were invited to tour the base and given the opportunity to apply for a job at the base. These were Gothboth Le Strenge and Temperance Carter. Gothboth Le Strenge had the opportunity to re-enter magical education and take up a role as one of their mages or magical researchers. Tempi was scouted for her ability to communicate with any living thing, a power that is useful for international and extraterrestrial relations. Clearly both refused the offers but none the less used the opportunity to tour the facilities, on the 15th of June this year, so this Friday they will finally be allowed to release articles describing their experiences and what they saw. So expect them soon.

Sarah Thorneson


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