Cleandemise Escapes, Dark Moth Is Hospitalised

At 18:00 today Cleandemise escaped a police interrogation room and hospitalised Dark Moth in the process. Security videos from the time were leaked showing, Dark Moth stood across from a restrained and seated Cleandemise, with a steel table between the two. When Dark Moth leaned over the table, Cleandemise lost their restraints and had regained their equipment and clothing. A hook grabbed the back of Dark Moth’s head and the assassin swiftly brought their knee the hero’s head. Dark Moth collapsed to the floor, and the assassin escaped through the door and then simply disappeared. Police, heroes and various operatives are searching for him, but it is believed to be too late.

Other security footage from the station have not record the assassin since they left the cell, and no officers in the station recall seeing him. Suggesting he disappeared into thin air.

Dark Moth was unconscious for a number of minutes and was given medical treatment but is said to be in perfect health.

For an idea of how strong Cleandemise’s attack was, it is best to look at the surroundings of the two supers. When Cleandemise struck Dark Moth, the metal table buckled and became flat against the floor, and the assassin’s chair also became crushed into the floor and back wall. The metal walls of the room concaved, from the pressure wrought by the attack. Ultimately it was an extremely powerful attack, that the shock waves were enough to crush steel.

If you spot Cleandemise, do not do anything, do not even register that you saw them, just go about your day, do not even try to contact the police, never-mind how much later, for your own safety. Despite this warning Cleandemise is not considered a threat to the public, not more so than any other assassin.

Sarah Thorneson