Super Fashion, Fast Styles

So Darlings, it is Sarah here. With some free time in the office, I have decided to write about the true subject of my desires, Fashion, most importantly, Hero fashion! And with Lightning Slash in the country and making the headlines, I just had to write about her! Or more importantly her Outfit! Now darlings, she does have a rather stellar outfit! She is one of those heroes everyone loves, she is good at her job, funny, beautiful, cool and most importantly she is always fashionable. Boys love her, girls love her, those who are neither love her. Darling, everyone loves her! She is the number one most profitable hero for toys and dolls, because of her outfit, or should I say outfits, she has had so many! That is what makes her profitable, every new outfit is a new toy, clothes lines, and game content! And what’s better each outfit is better than the last, which is no easy feat. for her first outfit was perfect enough!

But let us talk about her current outfit. It is blue, white, yellow and even more blue, just in time for the latest summer fashion lines, and let me tell you, blue is in, Darlings. And well her outfit features every shade of blue I can think of, maybe even a few more shades, gradients, not so good in everyday clothing but sublime on a hero. As you can imagine a speedy hero must have speedy clothes, and well hers are skin tight, yet not a wrinkle, crease or ugly feature on it, how does she do it? Well quite easy, under her outfit is an armoured and protective layer of reinforced Heathcoat material, you could shoot her and she wouldn’t feel a thing. And when you put thin stretchy latex over it, mhmhmhmmm Darlings, she looks so sleek. The suit covers every inch of her body, well except her hair and eyes. Over her eyes, she has some goggles, and I know what you are thinking, ‘goggles? ewww’ well babes, they are not just any old goggles, they are neon yellow visor goggles, yes that is right, neon visor goggles, because we all know the 80s’ retro scifi style is back in. Her hair? Oh my  feel sorry for her poor hair being blown around all day at such extreme speeds. But it is a beautiful golden blonde, long and ever so wavy, rather messy, but we can forgive her, she is a hero after all. But keeping her hair tied back are 3 rather large clips in the shape of electric yellow lighting bolts, with a navy blue backing.

Her suit features, a lot of white lighting bolts, mainly around the cuffs, joints, fingers, ankle, necks, each breast and around her hips, Each white bolt is bordered by thin yellow lines which fade into a pale baby blue, as the blue gets further from one of these bolts, it graduates into a dark royal blue. The truly defining feature that brings everything together are two solid navy blue lines on either side of the suit, each line is less than an inch thick, 2 lines run straight up each arm, then they split at the shoulder with a line going down her back and another down the front (so there is a line on her left and a line on her right side on both the front and the back), following and extenuating her athletic figure and defining her beautiful curves. When they reach the leg the lines from her front and back once again flow in unison down the outer side of each leg, just as they did with the arm.

Her feet are actually booted this time, in the past, her feet have been pretty much covered just by the suit. But currently she is wearing large, man crushers. That almost perfectly match her suit, but everything on her boots is 3 shades darker. As should be the case. If I had to say, the boots are the worst part. I don’t know, Darlings, they just stand out too much and they shouldn’t have the pattern on them, so garish. Her boots are plated and sleek, a bit like the feet of those mecha robot things. So it isn’t too bad but. Hmm, her boots are something I would see a hulking brute like Powerbomb wear, not the slender beauty that is Lighting Slash. But what is a good outfit without a fashion no no? Not an outfit at all, Darlings. And she looks so incredible and dare I say awesome while she is fighting with those boots, just BOOM, CRASH, BEAUTIFULLY BOMBASTIC SMASH. So dazzling.

I would love to know what materials they use, who designs the outfits, how are they even made? I can never seem to find a seem on these ULH suits. Probably magic. I wish I had a magical wardrobe, think of the possibilities.

But anyway, that is enough of that Darling, until next time.

Sarah Thorneson