A Holiday To Remember At The ULH Base

Under a year ago, on October the 8th 2017 I, Tempi, was invited to the Universal League of Heroes (ULH) HQ, to tour it, I was also invited to apply for a job as a universal translator. I didn’t want to go on account of my anxiety and enjoying my job my at Fluff Tuft News. But big old boss woman Vanessa said I should go and write an article about my experiences. Thankfully, I was not to go alone, Gothy had accepted a similar offer and my friend Frantic Shamoosh said they will go round with me, Frantic Shamoosh is a hero.  So here is my account of the base.

As it turns out we didn’t need to take a plane or boat, we took a bus to Manchester University, the MCU. We went to the Department for Magical Theory and met the famous Mg. Dr. Airell Roost. He was very kind, and spent a few minutes talking to us. Before sending us through a portal. It felt quite tickley but was over in a couple of seconds. On the other side of the portal we entered into  a huge room, maybe 200 meters wide and 100 more high, it was filled with platforms and on top of each platform was a portal and a group of people being hurried off by some smartly dressed uniformed people. A pleasant girl helped us down and showed us where to go. We went to join Group A at the back of the hall, closest to the doors. We did not have to wait long for before the final members of our group arrived and we were led out and to see the rest of the base. About 30 people belonged to our group.

Funnily enough the first place we went, other than the long open, glass corridors of numerous wonders, was to the airport and civilian hotel. To get there we had to pass through a huge multi layered metal door and we passed through a strange electrical field. The Tour guide kept asking a different member of the group a question as we went. When we arrived at the airport it was like any other airport I have been in, shops, duty free, large open seating areas, 50 layers of security. Even the runway looked normal and the control tower. The only big difference was it is emptier, and cleaner, there were also less security personnel and it felt, cosier. We got to see the second level runway, a runway situated underneath the main runway, accordingly it is used for emergency take offs and for when there is a lot of traffic. It was breath taking watching the huge jets pass through what was basically a tunnel. The hotel, was fancy, like those 5 star hotels you see in films, reserved for the elite of the elite. There were indoor pools, baseball pitches and more, and you would not believe you were indoor once you entered them. The strangest thing was the lack of staff, almost everything was automated this is apparently due to struggling to get people to do rather basic jobs in the middle of the ocean.

We were directed back into the base and through a second security door with a strange electrical field situated inside of the hotel. Once we were in the rather beautiful corridors again the tour guide stopped us, he showed us how to get directions if we were ever lost, he traced his fingers along the wall and said “I appear to be lost” then an angelic voice spoke to him and an electric blue shadow appeared before him. He asked for directions to the eastern docks, and an arrow guide traced along the corridors. He then said he was too lazy to walk. And the entire group started to float a few centimeters of the ground, and gently glided down the path that had been lay out. We arrived at a large elevator, easily large enough to fit 100 people comfortably. It was circular and fitted with seats. The walls were all screens that showed video of a nice mystical forest scene. Accordingly it was to be made from glass, but since the elevator is 200 meters above the ocean, they feared upsetting people with a phobia of heights. The elevator took only a few seconds to get to the port. It made me a bit queasy. But not as queasy as the port itself. It was made out of multiple floating sections that were all anchored to the main structure. They moved only slightly with the waves, but that was enough to get me. The port was kind of nice just like normal beaches, piers, docks and so on. Cafe’s, carnival entertainment, lots of different boats, ocean air, spray all that stuff. I didn’t pay much attention as I got ill. The tour guide was really nice and understanding though, and no one else minded that I had to take a break in the cafe, and the cafe staff were so nice they gave us all free food and drink. But unfortunately I needed to leave the area, so they let me go in another slow elevator with a guide, along with Gothy and Shamoo.

The elevator ride was a bit slow but much nicer, and being away from all the people was nice. The new guide was really strict though. I actually know her from a club we are both part off with Shamoo! *D* She is always serious. She took us through the shopping district but she didn’t let us shop much. The shopping district is really nice, it is like 3 malls all mixed together and emptied of all but a few people. And all the merchandise was hero themed, and so pretty, and so aesthetically pleasing it was amzos. ^D^ The main area was an open park with a huge dolphin themed fountain and three ornate black staircases swilled around it. There was also a really awesome Gothic elevator for the disabled.  The fountain had numerous shiny stone dolphins that were each 7ft long and a different colour of the rainbow, they swam around one another in the air while spraying water all around.

The guide also took us around to the areas we would work, apparently I would have had my own office in central control, we didn’t get to see much of central control, just the office, which had like a million screens, a wall of a computer and phones galore. My responsibilities would be communicating with anyone and everyone that they needed a translator for. Apparently they would also use me in negotiations and any event where they wanted to ease away any potential hostilities. Which isn’t nice or fair. Not really my kind of job. ;-;

On our way to where Gothy would spend there time. We passed an amusement park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *D* LIKE WOW! We weren’t let in, the guide said NO! -_- But alas I could see bit of it, through the doors. It even has a water park! Apparently, it is only open to those who live on the main base, but at the time, there were expanding on it to also have a much larger area where anyone could go in at a price. We moved onto the magical services primary post, where Gothy would work, it was a pretty place, filled with people in white coats and masks, and huge battery looking things, and computers and it was really nice and colourful. I want to talk about what went on while there, but Gothy said no. Gothy is very shy at heart. *3*

Lastly we went to the residential area which was like… walking into a white picketed fence area, just I don’t know how they did it. It was like an entire area of those streets you see on tv, where everyone has a huge garden and a large house. And people are talking to each other. There were even drive ways for cars, for the race track… that was also indoors. Not that you  would even believe you were indoors. People were sun bathing, gardening, saying hello to one another, talking to neighbours. Scary stuff. The guide then took us to where I would have lived… it was in one of the nature parks… a quaint little cabin, just like my real life home, a small cabin in the woods, with animals and its so nice. Shamoo lives in one of the cabins, there are a few cabin areas, for people who like their solitude and nature. But where Gothy would likely live was just as nice. Past some of the pipes and structural areas was an entire area dedicated for the  self proclaimed eccentric weirdoes, a Gothic dark area of death, dust and the coolest of all real estate. Like every house was like a haunted steam/cyber punk mansion. Ah so cool. *D*

And that is it! We left soon after and there is not much more I can legally say. Make sure to read Gothy’s account too.

Temperance Carter


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