New ULH Hero Is A Newb No-One Has Heard Of Before

The Universal League of Heroes (ULH) has accepted a new Hero into their ranks, the Star Weaver. There are many issues with her appointment.

  1. Numerous well known heroes have been rejected by the ULH. Yet she is a new hero no-one has heard off, she was only registered officially as a hero yesterday.
  2. She is very young, or at least looks it.
  3. She is a mage, most mages are not heroes. Many people believe mages are not allowed or otherwise are unable to be heroes, the truth is most qualified mages choose to go into academia rather than use their magic for hero work. And there are far less mages than supers.

Perhaps the most controversial thing about her is the fact she wields a strange looking piece of tech known as a staff. This staff was made by the ULH and is from their personal armoury. The ULH had promised not to militarise their heroes and not to use their impressive arsenal except in certain conditions. Despite the weapon being only a 5ft stick, it has caused the world’s governments to cower in fear. Staffs are known for being powerful weapons on the battlefield, but if the latest Mk 19 Direfault Staffs, the staffs favoured by the USA Military, is the equivalent of an advanced assault rifle combined with an RPG. The ULH Staffs are feared to be more akin to nuclear warheads. Some have dismissed the ULH staffs as being nowhere near as powerful as people claim. But most government bodies seem convinced of their destructive capability. The fact that a young untested hero would wield such a weapon is rightfully scary. The ULH have claimed Star Weaver’s staff is just a magical enhancement and manipulation tool.

The ULH have released information regarding Star Weaver and we will be writing that up here, if you wish to read about her.

Sarah Thorneson


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