Icelandic Hero, Metal Gargantuan Spotted At World Cup

Iceland has proven a popular team in the world cup, even those of us like myself, who detest football and these over the top sporting events, are quietly supporting Iceland behind the scenes. Obviously so is the Metal Gargantuan, who was present at the back of the stand joining in with the famous chanting, in the Iceland vs Argentina game which ended 3-3. The site was quite amusing but to be expected, his huge form took almost dwarfed the rest of the stadium while his clap threatened to cause the entire thing to crumble away. Metal Gargantuan is from Iceland and had joined Iceland’s advertising campaign to promote the team. Some people there said the Scottish hero Thunder Cat, known to openly support her home team of Motherwell Football Club was there alongside the giant hero.

If Thunder Cat was there she was certainly not in hero form. But is it evidence of a relationship between the two heroes? Not really, heroes are always seen together outside of hero work especially at large events and it is no secret that Thunder Cat is a supporter of the Icelandic team, as well as being one of the many heroes that train in Iceland’s rugged terrain. But I admit it is rather adorable to think about the two of them being a couple.

Sarah Thorneson