Jaguars Are Back!

If you like Jaguars. then good news, there are even more of them! Jaguars are a near threatened species of animal, which means they are close to extinction but have a decent chance of survival if we help them survive… mainly by not killing and capturing them for selfish reasons. But thanks to conservation experts and initiatives in South and Central America the number of Jaguars is up by a  staggering 35% in the last 10 years.

This good fortune for the species has been accredited to Jagged You Are, a rather rough but well loved Hero of South America. The Peruvian, named themselves after the species and has supported many campaigns to protect various animals including the Jaguar.

If the population boom continues they will soon be taken of the Near Threatened list. Jagged You Are has spoken on the subject: “Jaguars are finally seeing a population spike, but for it to continue we need to continue our work, not just today, but for years to come, we should work harder everyday not just to ensure the safety of these poor animals but of all endangered and near threatened animals.”

So all of you out there with a few coins to spare! Help protect nature. And if you have been doing, Thank you. ^3^

Temperance Carter