Perturbing Parasitic Phantom Pests of Persiteas

You may have never heard of Persiteas, but his legend dates back to the time of the Ancient Greeks, and he was legend even then. It is said Persities was a man scorned by the woman he loved, she ripped his heart out quite literally and cast it into the ocean. In the place of his heart she placed a bee’s nest, and through his veins ran not blood but countless winged worms. Yet he wandered the shores of Greece for 20 days and 20 nights before his body finally was reduced to naught.

His soul though resided within the insects that took everything else. But his soul became terrible and corrupt. Damaged and hurt by the harsh rejection of his love, only hate and despair remained, and it combined with the hunger of those insects. The bees that took the place of his heart and love, became tainted and cursed, they no longer concerned themselves with honey and instead they became violent predators, attacking anything and everything, calving their way into the food chain and into every corner of the world, these “bees” barely resembled other bees anymore, they had become the first wasps, hell bent on inflicting pain that Persiteas felt, onto everything else.

From his blood though came the real terrors, invisible winged parasites, capable of travelling on the air and infecting your blood, getting into your nose, eyes, ears, and under your skin. They would devour you from the inside out, just as Persiteas had been. The beautiful, the popular, those that reject the love of others, those are his primary targets. The acne spots that won’t go, the random insect bits, bruises from nowhere, itching in you eyes all for no reason? Persiteas is the one responsible.

The ghosts of his envy and jealousy hunt everyone. He existed back then, he exists today.

Gothboth Le Strenge