Star Weaver’s Staff Devastates Gang

The new and very controversial hero and ULH (universal League of Heroes) member, Srar Weaver has made a very explosive appearance into the world of hero work. The usually quiet coastal village of Cullercoats was woken by what has been described as a “thunderstorm” as Star Weaver engaged a smuggling gang in the early hours of this morning.

According to witness and police reports the cause of the noise was a lot of gun fire aimed at the young hero, who simply used her staff to stop the bullets and then proceeded to rapidly incapacitate roughly 12 smugglers one after the other, or all at once. Either way her staff proofed a devastating weapon, when utilised as a big stick to whack people with. Some accounts claim she used her staff as a bat against the gunfire, striking each bullet, while other accounts claimed she simply created a magical shield to halt the bullets, perhaps she did both. All accounts claimed that she floated and glided rather than running.

While arresting the smugglers it is said the leader of the gang fired an AMDW Pistol (Anti-Magical Defences Weapon) at Star Weaver who easily avoided the attack and quickly disarmed and apprehended the criminal.

AMDWs are controversial weapons that utilise magic resistant materials in the design and projectiles. These are controversial due to how the vast majority of magic resistant materials are exceptionally soft and weak, so such projectiles although lethal are considered inhumane due to how inefficient and ineffective they are at killing, normally causing great amounts of suffering and maiming, leaving victims to die very slowly and painfully.

The gang are to believed to be part of a much larger group of operations. Apparently 230 weapons including RPGS, AMDWs and High Capacity Assault Rifles, were confiscated, along with many crates of ammunition. All members of the gang are expected to be given life sentences if they cooperate, or death sentences if they fail to cooperate.

Sarah Thorneson