Suspect In Stabbing Of Crime Boss Victor Havar, To Be Released Into Polish Custody

On June 8th 2018┬áVictor Havar was stabbed in broad daylight in Manchester. After a period of time in which the suspect was missing she eventually turned up. As it turns out she is of Polish origin and is a super. About 2 months ago she was kidnapped and taken to Great Scotlan illegally and against her will, the reasons for this are still unknown at least the police have not yet given any details. After speaking with Polish representatives, law enforcement and social services, she is to be finally to be acquitted of any crime and sent back to her home country, where she will be in Polish custody and is believed to be granted the protection and aid that she requires. Polish Hero and ULH member (United League Of Heroes) Stach Konwa has stated she will assure the girl’s safety.

Victor Havar is said to be in a very stable condition and healing well, but has otherwise been taken off the grid to avoid him being assassinated, or “rescued” before he can be brought to justice.

Sarah Thorneson