Hero, Brisk Magnum Injured Battling Super Criminal In Birmingham


An unknown criminal with  Super powers has gone on a rampage in Birmingham city. Multiple law enforcement officers attempted to engage the super to little benefit and the local hero Brisk Magnum attempted to slow down the villain but the low class hero was promptly defeated and pounded through multiple walls. It is unknown if Brisk Magnum is okay, and unknown how many other casualties there are or their conditions. The description of the villain is a towering tower of Concrete Blocks in the shape of a man. The area is known for criminal activity and minor gangs but a super of this level and description is unknown to law enforcement in the area. If you see the villain run and/or hide. Military and heroes have been dispatched.


The villain is believed to be on drugs of some kind, according to evidence and witnesses at the origin or the events. The drugs have brought on a rage like effect. The villain just constantly runs at and attacks everything it sees, demolishing buildings, crushing cars. Police and heroes are trying to distract and divert the villain. To reduce risk to the public.


Military have engaged the villain multiple missiles, high powered rifles and attack helicopters have arrived, the military ground troops that were dropped in have begun making barricades across the streets.


Military response is lacking any affect, multiple casualties sustained, helicopter damaged by flung projectile… fears are the projectile was a soldier. Super forces are keeping a distance. Military tactics changed from aggressive to defensive.


The major hero and ULH (Universal League of Heroes) member, Blade Kinsobe has arrived on the scene with the intention to delay the enemy until a more well matched hero can arrive. Blade Kinsobe is matching the villain for step to step and using his specialised fighting techniques and swords to keep the villain distracted and contained.


Kinsobe is showing signs of struggling to keep the villain contained as the huge and heavy giant charge and barges through the streets. Kinsobe is believed to be holding back due to risk to civilian life and extensive property damage. It is unknown who they are waiting for. Dark Moth is thought to be in Eastern Europe, TAXIman is in Japan healing recovery efforts from an earthquake. Other major heroes are hours away by any means.

We will continue posting updates here.

Sarah Thorneson


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