Paper Straws Are Taking Over The World

Say goodbye to the old plastic straws, we thought we knew them well, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. Alas, the evil they did and the damage they caused was too great, behind our backs they were attacking sea turtles and killing fish, polluting our ocean and our land.

So now rises the time of the paper straw as more and more food companies and stores ditch the old evil plastic straw and move onto the good old paper straw, don’t worry though, if  you don’t like soggy paper in your mouth, do what I do, buy reusable and environmentally friendly straws. No paper, no plastic, just an adorable way to drink a drink without getting your teeth coated in sugars. ^D^

I for one welcome our new paper straw overlords. Let us wait until we find out they are evil too and give birth to new straws by destroying our beloved rain forest and the habitats and homes of endangered animals. We should really end this disposable culture we have, and focus on products and containers designed for recycling and re-usability. *D*

But it is good that so many people are focused on the environment and protecting it. Let us continue to be that way.

Temperance Carter