The Indomitable Block Man Overpowers All Heroes In Birmingham


The villain now being called the Indomitable Block Man has been rampaging across Birmingham city. Numerous casualties have been sustained by civilians, heroes, police and the military. Exact numbers are unknown. Millions of pounds worth of property damage has been inflicted and the hero Blade Kinsobe has been battling the villain for over an hour. Kinsobe has been able to reduce damage to the area significantly and keep the villain busy. Both show signs of breaking, the villain keeps pausing for breath and holding its chest as it slowly tires. But Kinsobe is much worse for wear. He has many minor injuries and looks on the verge of collapsing but continues to fight. He nimbly avoids, blocks and counter attacks every wild strike. He repeatedly cuts away at the vulnerable and open areas of his opponent but his opponent seems unfazed as its own blood drenches its concrete form.
The beast just launched an impressive away of attacks and Kinsobe is unable to avoid them all and gets winded and  knocked back! As he rises the beast smashes at him with both hands and a steel shrapnel is propelled in every direction, hundreds of metal blades burst forth from Kinsobe shielding him. As the shrapnel blasted into near by buildings a person shrilly screamed out.


Blade Kinsobe is dead on his feet, he looks as if about to fall down as blood pours from multiple gashes and cuts, his sword held loosely in one hand. The villain attacks out with a right swing which Kinsobe narrowly avoids, losing his sword in the process. A weaker left swing has knocked him to the ground as he falls he fires a barrage of swords at his opponent, all miss and go into the sky. The beast is about to smash at Kinsobe as he lies on the ground… this is it…
The attack lands and so do the swords fired before, and an explosion of steel occurs in the impact zone. The swords fired before fell perfectly around Kinsobe forming a wall, when the villain attacked, Kinsobe once again blocked the attack with a flurry of steel blades and this time the shrapnel was contained by the wall of blades. Kinsobe, is lay on the broken ground, his clothes are barely existent. His blood is pooling. He is standing… he is creating a wonky blade, he is has stood up fully… he is smiling, he is still making the weird looking blade… it is massive. He just spat blood. The villain stepped backwards in fear?


As the two stare down one another a sonic boom occurs over head. The news helicopter is being thrown around by the air. A black streak falls from the sky and explodes into the Block Man’s head, then before he even moves a foot towards the ground anther explosive strike flings him into the air. The dark figure zooms up and catches the giant by the head… the giant is motionless. The Dark Moth has appeared!!! They are holding the Block Man and carrying it to the ground. The Dark Moth, then approached Blade Kinsobe, they’ve said something, Kinsobe has nodded and responded, the Dark Moth pats him on the back and has flown into the sky and back in the direction they came.


Police and military have already started a clean up. Emergency services are aiding the injured. Multiple bodies are being covered in blankets. Kinsobe is to address the people after being given medical treatment at 21:25


A cleaned up and clothed Kinsobe addresses a number of reporters and cameras outside the City Hall. “I conferred with Dark Moth, and now with a few doctors, I believe the villain died of a heart attack, brought on by drugs. The villain in question is known to me and police, but usually he is much smaller and his role as a criminal never amounted to more than a few misdemeanours, until today. We do not know what he was on, whether it was recreational or some sort of experimental drug for enhancing powers. We can confirm however that witnesses claim they saw him take a drug before attack. The Disaster Rebuilding Force have been called out and emergency services are doing everything they can to right the situation. Casualties can not even be estimated at the moment, but there are at least 12 confirmed dead. The hero Brisk Magnum is fine, he is currently recovering in hospital and is believed to make a full recovery, I’ve seen him hurt himself worse in skateboarding accidents. The police will release an official statement at some point tomorrow. Until then I can only thank you all for your bravery and resolve in this situation. I saw numerous civilians today play their part in helping others get to safety and treating those who are wounded. As I was receiving medical care I saw dozens of people approaching the scene with water, blankets and food. The emergency services and heroes should have everything under control now. So try not to worry and make sure you get some sleep tonight. Otherwise, Good bye, and good luck to all of you.”

Sarah Thorneson


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