The Scottish Hero, Thunder Cat Confirmed To Be In Russia

Thunder Cat was seen today helping Volgograd police keep citizens, foreigners and potential criminals in check. It is rumoured she is providing extra support as the England team who are playing today are on high terror alert, and there has been a great deal of worry of English and Russian people’s fighting one another due to increased tensions. She spoke to reporters briefly.

I’d have loved ta be here supporting Scotland, but it not be in the cards, so I came to support our neighbours. And a canny not sit ‘ere without helpin’ out tha local bobbies and heroes. It’s actually been more than a wee bit pleasant if ya dinna mind the midges. Even ‘ad a few rusky kids want ta autograph, cute little blighters.

Multiple other fans have echoed her sentiments for now, the atmosphere and relations have been kind and friendly.

Does this confirm that she was at the Iceland game? Not really. But it seems multiple heroes have gone to watch the world cup, and some have helped local police and heroes or met with locals and fans while in costume.

We at Fluff Tuft News hope everyone has a pleasant time with their strange sporting events.

Sarah Thorneson