Horrifying Hotel Hallucinations, Harbingers of Holocaust

Hotels, they all feel the same, they all have similarities, the staff, they are identical to every other hotel staff never mind where you go. But do you ever question why? Well, I can tell you. There is no such things as hotels, they are make believe nonsense, brought on by the idea of a place to rest your head on your travels. A mirage for the weary traveller to get lost in and to lose their soul. But what is a convincing mirage without belief that such a thing could exist? Well, that is why not all who sleep with in die, that is why you know  hotel employees, maybe you even worked with in a hotel.

Since time before time began, hotels and inns have existed, appearing to offer, food warmth and shelter, in exchange for a few measly coins, to those who’s feet ached from a days march, and who’s stomach groaned from a days worth of hunger. Who built the first inn? Who decided suddenly it would be a good idea to let a stranger sleep in their house and to give the stranger food and water? Who back when the first inns were made could afford to have a house that big? Those who could afford large buildings didn’t need or care for the income of a hotel. Hotels are not even profitable, it is a lie told by demons and other worldly beings. In exchange for the lives of your customers and staff, the demons give you your gold or money.

How many eerie stories are there from hotels, how many ghosts wander their halls? The vast majority of hotel chain owners are known for being heartless monsters, perhaps they are just demons possessing the body of the long deceased.

Perhaps those critics and travelers who are always raving about how good fun travelling is, are just more people possessed by the hotel demons, to drive up business.

How many people have gone missing from hotels and never turned up again?

Why do hotels always have leaflets and pamphlets telling you about really far away places? So you go to another hotel.

No one enjoys traveling, no one enjoys hotels, but we travel and we go to hotels none the less and we pretend to enjoy ourselves. Why do some hotels go out of business so quickly even with lots of visitors? Because, they are not the ones owned by the demons. A normal human cannot compete with a demon hotel, they cannot profit from a hotel.

Some of the staff at hotels never change, they never age, they are demons.

Demons can convince you of anything. And they have convinced you hotels are real. You probably think I am a fool and that this article is a joke and nonsense. But you think hotels are real. Why? Why are you so convinced? Demons, demons who want to devour all of our souls, have convinced you of something and you cannot look away from the lie to see the truth. Think about it more it makes sense. Who stays at hotels the most? Celebrities and business people, journalists too. Most of them are certainly soul less monsters who have been possessed by demons.

Just, stay away from the deathtraps, that have claimed hundreds of millions of lives already.

Gothboth Le Strenge