Pretty Princess Has Escaped Prison

Pretty Princess escaped the confines of her cell, and abruptly left the prison grounds at 14:00 today, there are not yet any reports of casualties of victims, it is believed she is heading towards Manchester to “right some wrongs”.

If you see her, run for your life and ring the emergency services, or scream in hopes that someone further away will. If you hear screaming, start running away and call for aid.

The Universal League of Heroes (ULH) has been informed and are dispatching a number of heroes while warning every hero they can. Pretty Princess is one of if not the most feared and dangerous villain in the world. Last time she escapes she transformed Berlin into a land of gemstones and 3 heroes died trying to stop her. She has a record of undoing most the devastation she causes, but not always and never fully.

To recognise Pretty Princess, she looks like a 14 year old with pale and slightly pink skin, long brown hair, an ornate regal looking and normally puffy, pink dress, pink eyes. And everything about her has a slight glimmer or shine like a gem stone.  She is known to laugh and smile manically at almost all times.

TAXIman has been called back from Japan and Dark Moth has been told to return from an investigation in Eatern Europe. Lightning Slash has been requested to aid the fight. All other major heroes in the world have been told to go on high alert in case Pretty Princess turns up near them. WOMAN, is organising a defence force and civilian protection in Manchester.

Sarah Thorneson


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