Towering Spire Of Pink Crystal Spotted Just In East Didsbury

A towering spire of pink crystal probably created by Pretty Princess was spotted in Parrs Wood, East Didsbury which is south of Manchester, at 15:15. This is visible from Tuftham which is north of Manchester. Long range special operation cameras are viewing the scenes.


TAXIman has engaged her atop of the spire. His portal technology seems to be trying to absorb her, but she is protecting herself with a morganite ray. Wait… she is overpowering him! This has not happened before. It seems TAXIman is doing all he can not to be consumed by the morganite. He has opened a portal from which some sort of liquid is rushing out towards Pretty Princess who is shielding herself with another ray of morganite. The second portal has disappeared. Pretty Princess is suddenly swelling, a storm of Morganite is bursting from her back. TAXIman placed the second portal inside her? TAXIman looks about to be overcome by the Morganite ray.
Pretty princess looks  to be laughing as Mroganite crystals burst forth from her.


A boom and wave in the sky has just occurred, windows are shaking. A dark streak in the sky just ploughed into Pretty Princess with explosive Force. The spire has shattered.


The smoke has dissipated! The spire is back TAXIman is nowhere to be seen. But Dark Moth is held by Pretty Princess, by the face. Dark Moth is repeatedly punching at her, as he does the spire shatters, crumbles and sways but is instantly repaired again, by Pretty Princess, who is seemingly laughing.


TAXIman is seen again. He flew in through a portal, armoured to high hell, he was smacked away , the sound could be heard from miles away. He looks to have disappeared through another portal


TAXIman appears again, firing an arsenal of explosive and lasers that are blocked. Dark Moth is still punching and kicking.


A thunderstorm of sound has occured as Lightning Slash has appeared on the scene, the camera keeps losing focus as bright bursts of light and thunder engulf the top of the spire.


A red laser cuts across the sky, the source is believed to be Dark Moth, who is now free of Pretty Princess as her arm falls to the ground. But she has regrown an arm.


The three heroes have been battling back and forth with the Villain for 10 minutes now. with no significant event. East Didsbury seems to be nothing more than an ocean of crystals.


Lightning Slash has been knocked unconscious! Dark Moth has been reduced to a volleyball and TAXIman once again is looking as if he will soon be nothing more than a crystal, as he battles a morganite ray. All taking place on a platform of crystal 900 meters in the sky. A helicopter that got to close to the scene suffered damages from a morganite ray. It is believed the crew are safe.


In a fiery Explosion WOMAN has up and through platform.


WOMAN ran through a fierce Morganite Ray and smashed Pretty Princess through the platform and to Earth. The two are battling but it is difficult to see, smoke dust and shards of crystal cloud our vision. It appears as though WOMAN is relentlessly and repeatedly attacking Pretty Princess with explosions and powerful melee strikes.


We can confirm, Pretty Princess is being literally punched apart. Her lost limbs and body parts litter the field of battle. Dark Moth is tending to TAXIman and Lightning Slash away from the still ongoing battle. WOMAN seems to be the ultimate counter to Pretty Princess, she is immune to the morganite ray and she is much stronger than Pretty Princess.


Pretty Princess is standing up from a crater. She is laughing. Her head just got punched off. Her laughing head regrew again. And it was punched off. And again. and… she is raising her hands… she is surrendering?


A giant specialised anti super transport helicopter has appeared on the horizon. It’s groaning motors can be clearly heard for tens of miles. As it slowly approaches. The helicopter was specially designed to safely transport Pretty Princess and has been dubbed the Princess Chariot. It has the strongest anti power magic and technologies available, and is manned 24/7 by the greatest anti power mages. It is normally stationed in Antarctica at the anti super prison facility.


The helicopter is still on its way. So let’s discuss the anti super facility. The technology for preventing powers overheats easily and as a result the anti super facility is in the coldest place on earth. The Princess chariot is basically one giant freezer with the anti power tech and cells inside. TAXIman brought the powered down Helicopter close by to Manchester to save in from having to make the multi day trip, it is very slow due to its weight, requiring multiple mid air fuelling stops to reach most destinations outside of Antarctica. Pretty Princess has a habit of giving up once the helicopter is close by and she is in a position where she would be unable to assault it, like today. Or she is forced into the helicopter, which normally TAXIman succeeds to do. It is just some game to her.


As the helicopter is beginning its slow decent Pretty Princess clicks her fingers and as normal, most of what was turned into morganite, is returned to its previous form.


The helicopter has landed. 2 people in white fluffy hazmat suits walk out and point their staffs at Pretty Princess, each staff is topped with a series of floating spinning hollow discs. Her sparkle and pinkness fades slightly and she seems slightly more mature and sullen. She boards the helicopter and it slowly departs.

Sarah Thorneson


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