Bad News All Round In World Politics

The USA decided it would be good fun to pull out of the Human Rights committee, while its president is threatening the Transgender community, calling Latino’s and Blacks violent and responsible for most crime, and he is also cruelly detaining refugees and taking away their children… meanwhile his vice president has been threatening to cruelly torture and kill LGBT persons for years, in an attempt to “cure” them.

In Europe, they seem intent of banning internet culture, fair use and destroying small news businesses with two articles passing through the EU court today. The two articles still need to pass one more judgement before they can begin being put into law, but if they are passed… well, we may as well give up on the internet.

Italy’s president has also said he wants all none Italians out of his country.

Fun times I say… it is nice to know we are living in such a caring, tolerant and accepting time, that was sarcasm.

But it is worth remembering that what is happening today is still progression from not even that long ago, if we work together we can get over this hump and get back on track with progression and acceptance. The Universal League of Heroes has one statement for all these events “The true villains of this world are the politicians.”

Sarah Thorneson