Star Weaver Killed And Her Staff Stolen

The new hero and Universal Hero League member, Star Weaver, has been killed at 12:20 today while on duty, responding to a drunken and disorderly call. Her staff was also stolen. It is said she is only 22. Detectives believe it was a targeted attack, they in fact believe it was an assassination by the villain and master assassin Cleandemise. Heroes and police are working together to find the culprit and the staff.

Lead investigators believe the target was the staff, “she was just collateral”.

The ULH have warned the public and governments, not to worry about the staff, “the staff is nothing special, the only special thing that was lost today is Star Weaver. Your thoughts and prayers should go out to her and her family. The staff posses no threat to anyone.”

Despite this the ULH has dedicated a lot of resources to hunt down the staff and the killers. When questioned about this they stated “we cannot allow murderers to be free on the streets, especially killers of young killers.”

Sarah Thorneson


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