Run For The Hills

HillsĀ  walks, hikes and sunbathing is up this summer. More and more people are taking half day trips and evening outings to get out of smoggy cities, enclosed houses and all that rubbishness, to enjoy the quaint and enjoyable, breathable atmosphere of their local hills and areas. Free exercise, free fresh air, free fun, and free relaxation. This is also partially attributed to a rise in night sky watchers and astronomy hobbyists.

We at Fluff Tuft News, spoke to a few of these hill side walkers who for the most part proved to be friendly and of pleasant company, remarking on how they wanted a short break from the rush and how these small hikes and lying down in nature helps get away from the daily grind and remind themselves of the joy life can bring.

I keep telling the others this stuff. I’m like; let’s go for a walk, lets go into nature, let’s relax. But all I get is; not now Tempi, I’m busy, it’s 3AM go back to sleep, that’s nice but I am having a bath. Pfft, spoil sports that is what they are. I go for a walk by myself instead, hang out with my wolf friends, they are cool, even if they are all ghosts because wild wolves are extinct in Great Scotlan.

We should reintroduce wild wolves, I am fed up with deer everywhere. They keep killing all my plants and eating all the bird and rabbit food. Some wolves and Lynxes would make great wild friends and keep the deer population down. And I don’t want to hunt deer, culling is pretty much needed but they are so cute and cuddly.

Anyway, hills and hikes are good. More people are going on them and I wish my friends would.

Temperance Carter